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Monday, April 26, 2021

Zones Of Avoidance, by Maggie Downs, Los Angeles Review of Books

I like the other kind. The empty ones. The craters. A volcano open as a throat.

That’s why I traveled 100 miles from where I live to hike into an extinct volcano. I needed to go somewhere, and I chose a place that felt both resilient and vulnerable. I needed to go somewhere, and nowhere was the loneliest place I could find.

Whereabouts By Jhumpa Lahiri Review – Hypnotic Disappearing Act, by Anthony Cummins, The Guardian

Part of the book’s peculiar magnetism lies in its clash of candour and coyness. When the narrator mentions “one of my lovers” or accepts a friend’s invitation to house-sit in the country “given that I’m going through a hard patch right now”, the remarks land like plot twists.

Book Review: A Valuable Reminder Of Lorraine Hansberry's "Radical Vision", by Robert Israel, The Art Fuse

In this biography, Soyica Diggs Colbert, a scholar at Georgetown University and author of The African American Theatrical Body and Black Movements: Performance and Cultural Politics, focuses on the intellectual influences that shaped the political and literary consciousness of African American playwright Lorraine Hansberry. She argues that the celebrated writer, who died of cancer at age 35, grappled with two seemingly contradictory energies: a passionate commitment to both activism and to expressing herself as an artist. In the process of exploring the ideas that shaped Hansberry’s understanding of her art and the world, Colbert confirms the relevance of this conflict today.

Solitaire, by John F. McMullen, The RavensPerch

I’m rather addicted
to Solitaire
(the Klondike variety)
never on a PC or Mac