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Mon, Jan 5, 2015 Day of the Arrival Of C.E.S.

Apparently, Belkin is announcing a sensor that detects that the smoke sensor has detected smoke. This is... interesting.

At least no company at CES this year will be hawking Apple Watch accessories... I hope.

Painter Essentials 5 Review: Fun Photo Painting with 31 New Brushes

Lesa Snider, Macworld:

Awakening from seven years of slumber, a new version of Painter Essentials has finally hit the streets. Targeted toward hobbyists, art enthusiasts and emerging photo painters, Painter Essentials 5 was redesigned to be smoking fast and far easier to use. It includes a whopping 31 new and useful brushes—including some of Painter 2015’s hot new Particle Brushes—plus two new tools for creating mirror and kaleidoscope paintings, a vastly improved photo painting engine, a powerful brush-tracking utility, real-time effect previews, and more. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a photographer, there’s a lot to enjoy in this new release.

How To Duplicate an OS X User Account

Dan Frakes:

For years, our kids have shared a single account (“Kids Account”) on the family Mac. That account had parental controls enabled, and it was configured for really young kids who did little beyond using a few apps aimed at preschoolers and kinders.

This setup worked pretty well until the past year or so. Now that the kids are getting older (both are in elementary school), each wants to use apps with her own settings. They both also use the same online-homework system, so sharing an account means lots of logging in and out of accounts in Safari. And, of course, each wants a different desktop picture, a different account name and photo, and so on.

Griffin Adds Two New Accessories to iTrip Lineup

Joseph Keller, iMore:

The iTrip AUX Bluetooth adds a Bluetooth connection to your car stereo, while the iTrip AUX AutoPilot packs in device charging, audio output, and playback controls into a single device.

More Stuff for Your Computers

Despite Lawsuit, Apple's iOS 8 Storage is Actually Far More Efficient Than Google's Android, Samsung's Galaxy, Microsoft Windows

Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider:

Which? noted that Apple's 16GB iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, for example, still left between 12.6GB and 12.2GB available to the user running iOS 7. That's less than Apple's latest 16GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models loaded with iOS 8, which the lawsuit condemns as leaving "just" 12.7 to 13GB free.

Rather than suffering a deceptive shock of missing storage, Apple has increased the free space available to users under iOS 8.

On the other hand, this chart in Ars Technica seems to indicate that iOS 8 used up more storage than iOS 7 on the same device:

On average, it looks like you'll give up around 740MB on iPhones and 1.03GB on iPads just to install the update.

The Myths and Mysteries of Apple's Apple

Robert Klara, AdWeek:

The truth is that Apple's famous apple is not a complex talisman freighted with hidden meaning, but a clear, uncomplicated design that's been carefully tweaked over time, though never at the expense of its intuitive simplicity.

In this rather short and simple article, we find out that the apple is an apple. The bite is there to make sure it is not a cherry.

(Photo: Inside of the Apple logo in 5th Avenue Apple Store by LuisQuiroz1618)

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