MyAppleMenu - Fri, Jan 9, 2015

Fri, Jan 9, 2015 Day of the HomeKit Rumors

First HomeKit Devices Confirm Apple TV's Limited Role in Home Automation

Thomas Ricker and Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge:

So, while commands like "Siri, turn off the lights in the living room" will always work while connected to your home Wi-Fi network, they won’t from the airport unless you have an Apple TV. But that’s it — you can still switch off the lights with an app, no Apple TV required. This behavior has been confirmed by a source close to HomeKit’s development as well as two launch partners who wish to remain anonymous. Only third-generation or later Apple TVs running software 7.0 or later will support HomeKit.

A World Transfixed by Screens

Alan Taylor, The Atlantic:

The continued massive growth of connected mobile devices is shaping not only how we communicate with each other, but how we look, behave, and experience the world around us. Smartphones and other handheld devices have become indispensable tools, appendages held at arm's length to record a scene or to snap a selfie. Recent news photos show refugees fleeing war-torn regions holding up their phones as prized possessions to be saved, and relatives of victims lost to a disaster holding up their smartphones to show images of their loved ones to the press. Celebrity selfies, people alone in a crowd with their phones, events obscured by the very devices used to record that event, the brightly lit faces of those bent over their small screens, these are some of the scenes depicted below.

Molecules for iOS Review: This Interactive Science Book Brings Learning to a Whole New Level

Jeff Merron, Macworld:

Few iOS apps are as thoughtfully designed as Molecules, and even fewer combine superb visuals with clear writing that encourages exploration. If you’re a parent or teacher looking for a way to engage middle or high school students in learning about the material world, Molecules looks like a pretty good investment. But be careful: you may find yourself spending lots of time with the app yourself—because, unlike those old science textbooks, it’s a lot of fun.

Stuff For Your Computers

  • Evernote's Scannable turns your iPhone or iPad into a scanner (Joseph Keller, iMore)
  • Finish To-Do list manager update to version 3.0, drops in-app cost and goes completely free (Mike Beasley, 9to5Mac)
  • Drop Wizard is a new arcade game that will cast a spell of delight over you (Christine Chan, AppAdvice)
  • Duolingo for Schools lets teachers easily track students' language learning progress (Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice)

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