MyAppleMenu - Sun, Jan 11, 2015

Sun, Jan 11, 2015 Day of the Do-You-Know-Where-Your-iPhone-Is?

If you are not reading this little web page on your iPhone, the question is: do you know where your iPhone is? Are you missing your iPhone right now? Is your heart beating faster because you do not know where your iPhone is? Is your blood pressure shooting up right at the very moment?

If so, you may be suffering from nomophobia. As researchers from University of Missouri found out, "taking away study participants' iPhones caused a measurable stress reaction and led them to perform poorly on simple cognitive tasks."

And that's why you need an Apple Watch that is always on your wrist to prevent separation anxiety. :-)

Battery Life: Apple's Solving For x

Jason Snell, Six Colors:

So far Apple has behaved as if the battery life of the iPad and the iPhone are perfectly fine as is, and that it would prefer to create a thinner and lighter model to one that puts the makers of external battery packs out of business.

Apple has not been willing to make a new iPhone or iPad or MacBook thicker or heavier just to have a longer battery life than the previous version.

However, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus did have longer battery life. That's probably because even if Apple did make thinner batteries, the phone's thinness is limited by other components that cannot be shrinked. (Probably the camera.)

I'll be willing to bet, though, this year's iPhones will not have a significant longer battery life than last year's edition.

Apple Showcases iPad With Creative Smart Cover Storefront Display at Apple Store

Joe Rossignol, 9to5Mac:

At the iconic Apple Store on Regent Street in London, the Cupertino-based company now has a row of iPads on display with colorful Smart Covers that automatically open and close.

Can you do that, Surface Pro 3? :-)

Hearing is Believing

James Atlas, New York Times:

Listening to a podcast is like watching a movie, listening to music and reading a book all at once. You become attached to the characters, caught up in the story, enthralled by the writing. “Every other format is going to shorter and shorter content pieces, so you’re actually swimming upstream,” the venture capitalist says to Mr. Blumberg. But maybe we’re sick of short attention spans. Maybe we want to pay attention.

Parting Words

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