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Sat, Jan 17, 2015 Day of the Extincted Magazines

Weed Apps Are Dazed and Confused Over Apple's Unpredictable Policies

Garett Sloane, AdWeek:

"Apple really hurt us and our right to assemble, our right to free speech, and our right to mobilize cannabis consumers like any other constituency," Dietrich said by phone this week. "It's ironic that on the same day Alaska and Oregon voted to legalize marijuana, Apple took the opposite approach."


Stuff For Your Computers

I show a couple of ways to have two songs always play together in shuffle mode; look at a question regarding high-resolution files, Apple Lossless, and iOS devices; and I field two questions about adding information to the Lyrics tag of audiobooks files (and how to export text from that tag).

Where Screen Sizes Are Heading

More Sunsetting News

MacUser UK is closing down...

The decision to cease publication of MacUser was very tough and one that was not taken lightly. Unfortunately, due to challenging market conditions, the closure was unavoidable.


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