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Sun, Feb 15, 2015 The Privacy-Я-Us Edition

Apple CEO Tim Cook Challenges Obama with Impassioned Stand on Privacy

Dominic Rushe, The Guardian:

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, warned of the “dire consequences” in sacrificing the right to privacy in an impassioned speech on Friday as Barack Obama sought to repair a deep rift with the technology industry.

Cook’s remarks arrived as many in the tech community have expressed concerns about government attempts to weaken encryption – standards for protecting the privacy of data online. In the wake of revelations from the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, Apple and its competitors have moved to strengthen encryption and faced a backlash from government officials.


On the iPad: Why It Still Matters a Lot for Me

Patrice Brend'amour:

The iPad is a great device for everything in the middle. Steve said it best: it just feels much more intimate. It’s really, insanely great for consumption, and you can also get some work done where ever you are: on the couch, in the car, at Starbucks, on a bench somewhere …

It really feels magical. I know it sounds cheesy and fanboyish, but I just can’t phrase it any other way, because that’s what it feels like for me. And that’s the reaction I get when ever I lend it to someone who doesn’t own one yet. There’s this instant spark, that instant connection with the device and the content it’s presenting.

Zane Lowe Quits Radio 1: Presenter Heads for 'Exciting times' at Apple

Mollie Goodfellow, The Independent:

Zane Lowe, the award-winning Radio 1 presenter, said yesterday that he is quitting the BBC. Lowe, 41, who joined the station in 2003, will present his last weekday evening show for the station next month. He is leaving to join Apple, which is rumoured to be creating a new music streaming service.

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