MyAppleMenu - Sat, Feb 21, 2015

Sat, Feb 21, 2015 The End-of-Downloads Edition

By end of March, you can no longer buy CDs at Starbucks. It's just like a subscription service now -- just pay a reaonsable price for coffee + music everytime you rent the product. (The music is in-store only, and coffee is in-body only for a little longer.)

FDA Opens the Doors for mHealth Apps

Kathleen Hickey, GCN:

The Food and Drug Administration earlier this month issued final guidelines on its oversight of mobile health apps, showing in its statement that it would generally take a hands-off approach to regulating development of new health app technologies.

In general, the agency made clear it would not regulate software apps that pose no threat to users if they fail. Medical apps that did pose a threat includes software that would “transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device by using attachments, display screens, sensors or other such methods,” said the FDA.

Guardian 'Changed Iraq Article to Avoid Offending Apple'


The Telegraph can disclose that in July last year Apple bought wraparound advertising on The Guardian's website and stipulated that the advertising should not be placed next to negative news.

A Guardian insider said that the headline of an article about Iraq on The Guardian's website was changed amid concerns about offending Apple, and the article was later removed from the home page entirely.

Framed Review

Craig Grannell,

If there’s something iOS is becoming very good at, it’s blurring the boundaries between media, especially when it comes to narrative gaming experiences.


People who need more structure than Evernote or a spreadsheet can give them, but don't have detailed enough needs to warrant the time FileMaker Pro needs to learn.

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