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Tue, Feb 24, 2015 The Kopi-Kosong Edition

Strike while the iron is hot... or, drink more coffee before science changes its mind. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's 2015 scientific report gave the OK to drink 3 to 5 cups per day without any ill effects. But, you will do have to forgo adding milk or cream or sugar.

Speaking of science, may I interest you in some of my favorite science podcasts?

(By the way, do you know what is kopi-kosong?)

Photo: Black Coffee for Breakfast in White Porcelain Cup" by epSos .de (CC BY 2.0)

Apple Now Selling Updated World Travel Adapter Kit With Lower Price, No 30-Pin Cable

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

The new kit that Apple's selling no longer includes a 30-pin to USB cable, and rather than adding a Lightning to USB cable, Apple has instead opted to ship the kit with no cable and drop the price by $10.

Adds support for Brazil.

Work Under Way for Australian Rollout of Apple Pay

Canberra Times:

Locally Apple again declined to say if or when it planned to launch the service in Australia, but the underlying security foundations needed to make Apple Pay work are being laid locally.

According to Andrew Cartwright, senior vice-president and country manager for MasterCard Australia: "The MasterCard Digital Enablement Service is currently available to our Australian customers and we expect adoption of it across 2015 as new payment solutions develop."

How to Sell Music on iTunes, Make Money Selling Your Music Online

Nik Rawlinson, Macworld UK:

It’s open to anyone (although Apple retains the right to ‘approve’ each application), and as it forms the backbone of many national charts that means it’s finally possible for solo back-bedroom composers to score a number one hit.

Here, we’ll guide you through the process of signing up and encoding your music so it’s ready to go on sale.

Good luck.

This is Tim


Powerful file-finding app for searching your documents.

Let this app figure out what filters look best on your photos!

Apple Introduces New Crash Reporting Service for Developers in Latest Xcode 6.3 Beta


The new system compiles crash logs from apps submitted to the App Store and beta testing service TestFlight with debug symbols, aggregating the resulting data directly into Xcode as crash reports.

“Must Fix for Next Release”

Craig Hockenberry,

I think there’s an easy way to fix these minor transgressions that would benefit both parties: add a new kind of approval with strings attached. A “Must Fix for Next Release” state where the app can go into “Ready for Sale” but the issue remains in the Resolution Center. At that point, both the app reviewers and developer know that an issue has to be dealt with before it’s approved the next time.


Apple Adds 10 New Locations To Flyover Maps

iPhone Informer:

The new locations include Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Boise, Idaho in the United Sates, Venice, Italy, and other cities around the globe.

The Mac Facilitates Spying Too

Zit Seng's Blog:

Not only does the U.S. government have the privilege of intercepting any of your HTTPS connections and present valid, trusted, SSL certificates to you, the Japanese government and the Chinese government have the same privileges.

I cannot understand why Apple has facilitated the embedding of these government-linked Certificate Authorities in Mac OS X.

As others have pointed out, it is not easy for someone to pull such a stunt without being traced to directly.


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