MyAppleMenu - Sat, Feb 28, 2015

Sat, Feb 28, 2015 The Two-All-Beef-Patties Edition

"Once, we ate Big Macs."

"Were they good?"

"No, not really. But they were ours."

Are you ready for a world without Big Macs?

Apple Watch Will Replace Your Car Keys, Says Tim Cook

Allister Heath, Telegraph:

Like millions of people, Tim Cook stopped wearing a watch a while back. The Apple boss no longer needed one: his iPhone told the time just fine. There was just one problem, as he readily acknowledges in his interview with The Telegraph: glancing at one's wrist can be a very useful way to find out information. It is less rude and less intrusive.

So Apple now wants to pull off something that no company has ever managed before: it wants to reverse a cultural trend that it had created itself. It wants us to start wearing a watch again.

Remember once upon a time when Apple fans complained that Apple didn't advertise enough about what the Mac can do? The first half of this article is bascially Apple listing what features of the Apple Watch.


“None of us should accept that the government or a company or anybody should have access to all of our private information. This is a basic human right. We all have a right to privacy. We shouldn't give it up. We shouldn't give in to scare-mongering or to people who fundamentally don’t understand the details.”

Photo: keys to your kingdom, by michael (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

My Work is Done Here

Leonard Nimoy - My work is done here by dm_5016e431a5d96


There’s nothing dramatically different about Vesper in terms of interface and interaction – you still collect text and images with smooth animations and the ability to add tags; the iPad counterpart builds on this tradition. You can view assigned tags in a sidebar on the left and add one image to each note; the main content area is obviously larger on the iPad; and, you can search notes by swiping down to reveal a search bar. Overall, though, it’s still the same Vesper, only on more devices and in more orientations.


Apple against Luxury

Andrew Pantyukhin, Medium:

What’s happening is another bastion of status is going down. Yes, Apple is not Robin Hood. The products are only currently accessible to just one or two billion people on the planet. But the vector is clear.

By the end of this year, a billion people on earth will be able to use and wear virtually exactly the same phone, laptop and timepiece that the billionaires and millionaires will be using and wearing — the best that money can buy.


Smartflash LLC aims to make Apple pay for using the patent licensing firm's technology without permission in devices not be included in the previous case, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2. The trial covered older Apple devices.

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