MyAppleMenu - Tue, Apr 7, 2015

Tue, Apr 7, 2015The Things-That-Confuse-Me Edition

1: When I see a notification on the lock screen, I swipe from left to right to launch the associated app. But if the notification is on the notification center, swiping left-to-right just switches back to the Today View. I have to remember to tap on the notification instead.

2: Rearraning apps is different from rearranging sharing extensions. Okay, I don't actually get confused by this. But I do find it jarring, and I do wish Apple will unify them. Probably by abandoning the jiggling-app-icons.

3: The shift key.

And without further ado...

Obvious Button States, by Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

When you have to design for “flat” that means color and iconography become the language which you must express button state — and that’s a problem if you don’t think through what each state is saying.

So, the Plus or the Non-Plus?

Two weeks with the iPhone 6 Plus, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

People with large hands (or who rely less on one-handed operation) might have a very different experience, but for me it was just too big a device, with not enough functional gain elsewhere. I’m back to the iPhone 6 now and not missing the big guy at all.

An iPhone 6 Owner Lives with the iPhone 6 Plus, by Marco Arment

The 6’s relative mediocrity is probably why so many of us are looking around and trying the 6 Plus — which shares many of the same design flaws, but provides more substantial advantages. I’d still rather use an iPhone 6 than a non-iPhone, and the larger screen and better camera have spoiled me enough that I don’t want to go back to the 5S, but I don’t think anyone will look back fondly on the iPhone 6 in a few years.

The best iPhone, by John Moltz, Very Nice Website

The large screen is the one thing I don’t like about it. It frustrates me daily. Reachability does not work consistently enough to be reliable and I can’t reach the upper right corner without that thumb-extension surgery which my health plan doesn’t cover.

Star Wars Coming to iTunes Movies on April 10, by Rene Ritchie, iMore

Star Wars (A New Hope), The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, as well as The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, will all be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.


The Decline of SMS

This is what disruption looks like

— The Economist (@TheEconomist) April 4, 2015

I wonder how many SMSes are two-factor authentication PINs.

Speaking of Charts...

Shut it down infographics nerds, the greatest chart possible has been made

— Zach Wilson (@covernode) April 7, 2015

OS X’s Keychain Password Request Dialog Does Not Inspire Trust, by Kirk McElhearn

What is CallHistoryPluginHelper? Even I don’t know. Sometimes I see different services requesting the password, such as accountsd, or some other “d” (for daemon, or background process). I don’t know why today I saw a different process ask for the password.


Apple Takes Heat for Barring Felons from Construction Work, by Wendy Lee, San Franisco Chronicle

A person familiar with the policy said construction workers with felony convictions within the last seven years are not permitted on the site, while those with earlier felony convictions could find work building the campus. People with “felony charges pending court disposition” are evaluated on a case by case basis, said the source.

Apple Acquired Search Startup Ottocat To Power The ‘Explore’ Tab In The App Store, by Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch

TechCrunch has learned that Apple quietly bought a startup called Ottocat some time ago, which had developed a system to organize and surface apps on the app store based on “nested” categories of increasing specificity. A version of that system now powers the “explore” tab in Apple’s App Store.


Planes Without Pilots, by John Markoff, New York Times

Automating that job may save money. But will passengers ever set foot on plane piloted by robots, or humans thousands of miles from the cockpit?

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, dear Internet.

Parting Words

Turned on an old Android phone today and broke the universe

— Owen Williams (@ow) April 7, 2015

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