MyAppleMenu - Mon, Apr 20, 2015

Mon, Apr 20, 2015The Poop-With-A-Wink Edition

Security Matters

Researchers from security firm Synack have determined that Apple's latest patch for the "Rootpipe" privilege escalation flaw remain mostly unfixed, even on OS X 10.10 "Yosemite." Ex-NSA staff member Patrick Wardle examined the new patch, and found a new path around Apple's security fix, leaving the computer unprotected from hostile users with physical access.


Exercising With Apple Watch

If you already planned on getting an Apple Watch, you’ll likely be satisfied with its built-in health-and-fitness features — unless you’re a hardcore runner, a water-sport enthusiast, or you’re really sold on the idea of sleep tracking.

Separated By A Common Language

When you send an emoji to someone, are you thinking about how it will be viewed? Because, it turns out, their meaning can completely change depending on platform. You could think you’re sending a poop with a wink but really be communicating that something serious — something that involves flies — is going down.


"Guided use of an educational app may be a source of motivation and engagement for children in their early years," said Susan B. Neuman, professor of childhood and literacy education at NYU Steinhardt and the study's author. "The purpose of our study was to examine if a motivating app could accelerate children's learning, which it did."

It's a free application that extends Spotlight's searching facilities and to give you quick access to different corners of your Mac. From the keyboard, you can search the web, start a phone call, email someone a file or shut down your Mac.


Research into brainstorming has a clear conclusion. The best way to create is to work alone and evaluate solutions as they occur. The worst way to create is to work in large groups and defer criticism.


Parting Words

Ordered a side salad with dinner at the pub last night...Was given a pot plant, some scissors and an empty bowl. Wow.

— BASTILLE (@bastilledan) April 19, 2015

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