MyAppleMenu - Sun, Apr 26, 2015

Sun, Apr 26, 2015The Starting-Over Edition

The First Third-Party Apps Are Not That Good Yet

CNET editor Scott Stein learned just how easy it is to mess up on the tiny display of an Apple Watch as he demo’d the device on Periscope on Friday.


I imagine thousands of iOS devs running their apps on real Apple Watches for the very first time today...and then sighing and starting over.

— Andy Ihnatko (@Ihnatko) April 25, 2015

Just one day in, I already want to restructure the entire Overcast UI on the Watch.

— Marco Arment (@marcoarment) April 26, 2015

Watch Stuff

I’m an insufferable asshole, and I’m here to complain about my brand new $350 luxury watch that so far hasn’t lived up to my insanely high expectations, which I am publishing here on Medium using my 5k iMac.

The watch's first impression is not good at all.

Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest option to go for, but what exactly will you be missing over one that’s more expensive? Well, we took the plunge, picked up a few of them, and put together a helpful comparison video between these models…




Parting Words

Watch: “It’s time to stand up and move around for a minute.” Me: “Thanks, Watch. I got this!” *wanders into kitchen and eats chocolate*

— Stuart Gibson (@stuartgibson) April 25, 2015

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