MyAppleMenu - Sun, Jul 26, 2015

Sun, Jul 26, 2015The Get-Into-Trouble Edition

Siri Is Sassy On The Apple Watch, Too, by Ronald Chavez, Mashable

When Apple Watch users ask Siri for help, she'll either reply with serious feedback or watch-specific jokes. For example, ask her if you're wearing the Dick Tracy watch and she'll say, "No, but I'm ready to get into trouble if you are."

Apple Music: Download Songs Using Cellular Data, by Jim Lynch, CIO

Apple has taken great pains to make sure that Apple Music users don't accidentally increase their cellular data bills. Toward that end the company has cellular data turned off by default.

However, if you want to download music via your cellular connection you can do so quite easily and I'll show you how in this tip.


How To Merge OS X Contacts Into An Existing List, by TechRadar

How Do You Keep Tomato Sauce Off Your Tablet?, by Robin Shreeves, Mother Nature Network

Your Cloud Has Expired

To maintain security, we're going to train you to type your password into random modal dialogs periodically.

— Brian Mastenbrook (@bmastenbrook) July 24, 2015

Let Me Tell You A Joke

Twitter Is Deleting Stolen Jokes On Copyright Grounds, by Dante D'Orazio, The Verge

It now appears Twitter is using its legal authority to crack down on these tweet-stealers. A number of tweets have been deleted on copyright grounds for apparently stealing a bad joke.

How To Tell A Joke, by Malia Wollan, New York Times

You can be funny in virtual forums — say, on Twitter — and quantify a joke’s value in favorites, likes or retweets. But the only real metric that matters to a joke-teller ought to be laughter in his or her presence.

Backward Compatability

Why Britain Has Secret 'Ghost Trains', by Amanda Ruggeri, BBC

That is the crux of why the ghost trains still exist. A more official term is “parliamentary trains”, a name that stems from past years when an Act of Parliament was needed to shut down a line. Many train operators kept running empty trains to avoid the costs and political fallout – and while this law has since changed, the same pressures remain.

Parting Words

“I guess I don’t need the Windows software disk for that printer I threw out 8 years ago.” - me in the basement, growing as a person.

— Moltz (@Moltz) July 25, 2015

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