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Sun, Aug 9, 2015The How-We-Are-Touching-Them Edition

What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Being A Son And A Father, by Nick Bilton, New York Times

While I stood waiting for my mother’s shrimp, I watched all these people toiling away and I thought about what Mr. Jobs had said about the waitress from a few years earlier. Though his rudeness may have been uncalled-for, there was something to be said for the idea that we should do our best at whatever job we take on.

This should be the case, not because someone else expects it. Rather, as I want to teach my son, we should do it because our jobs, no matter how seemingly small, can have a profound effect on someone else’s life; we just don’t often get to see how we’re touching them.

An App Alert Is As Distracting As A Phone Call, Even If You Ignore It, by Charlie Sorrel, Fast Company

"Although these notifications are generally short in duration, they can prompt task-irrelevant thoughts, or mind wandering, which has been shown to damage task performance," say the report's authors. "We found that cellular phone notifications alone significantly disrupted performance on an attention-demanding task, even when participants did not directly interact with a mobile device during the task."


A Stickler For Details: Implementing Sticky Input Field In iOS, by Meiwin Fu, Medium

Being able to dismiss the keyboard interactively is not really a big deal, it’s probably a small detail that most users wouldn’t even notice. But, it certainly adds a nice touch to the app.

However, It’s unfortunate that the implementation is far from obvious. Developers have tried many approaches with varying degrees of success. There are few open source projects, blog posts and StackOverflow entries related to this subject, offering solutions ranging from simple to painfully complex.


Apple’s Fitness Guru Opens Up About The Watch, by Scott Rosenfield, Outside

“The team really focused on saying, ‘As fitness and activity and trends come and go, what would always be a good recommendation?’” Blahnik says. “It came down to sit less, move more, and get some exercise.” That formula became the foundation of Activity, the Watch’s all-day fitness tracker app.

The Best And Worst Of Apple Music's Biggest Album Debut, by Dave Rudden, TechRadar

Teenagers Keep And Make Friends Online, Pew Says, by Dino Grandoni, New York Times

Researchers say they have discovered something that teenagers already know: Young people use the Internet to maintain friendships made at school or work, but also to forge entirely new ones with peers they meet while browsing social networks like Instagram or playing a game like Call of Duty.

Parting Words

"Dr. Dre does not tweet"

— Anthony De Rosa (@AntDeRosa) August 7, 2015

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