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Tue, Aug 11, 2015The Prioritise-With-Ease Edition

The Hidden Editing Power Of Photos For OS X, by Jeff Carlson, Macworld

Photos for OS X is designed to appeal to a broad audience, with simple editing tools that let anyone improve their photographs. But is that it? Even though it’s a 1.0 product (replacing iPhoto and Aperture), a lot of editing power is actually hidden beneath that user-friendly surface.

How To Stop To-Do Lists Ruining Your Life, by Hannah Marriott, The Guardian

According to cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist Daniel J Letvin, many successful people use 5x3 inch index cards to plan their tasks, writing one “to-do” on each card. The key here is that, unlike a long paper list, cards can be re-prioritised without any effort – and the ability to prioritise your tasks with ease is crucial to avoiding feeling overtaxed in the moment.


Unicorns Review: Use Your Mac To Stream Online What's Happening On Your iPhone, by Roman Loyola, Macworld

App developers can use it to demo their latest project, get feedback from other developers or clients, or other tasks that require collaboration. If you’ve been designated as the unofficial tech expert in your family, you can use Unicorns to help out a family member by showing how to do a particular task. And since it’s free, there’s really no risk in trying it out.

OneNote 2016 For Mac Deserves Wider Adoption, by Erik Eckel, TechRepublic

Twitterrific For iOS Updated With Design Tweaks And iOS 9 Features, by Mike Beasley, 9to5Mac

Snapchat Updated With New ‘Travel Mode’ Feature To Reduce Mobile Data Usage, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Plex For iOS Updated With Rotten Tomatoes Integration, Refreshed Interface, More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

5 Weird iOS Keyboards For Expressing Your Wacky Self, by Oscar Raymundo, Macworld

The Adventures of Wisely

Video game dad jokes are the best dad jokes

— Lucy James (@lucyjamesgames) August 9, 2015


Could Your iPhone Become More Expensive In China?, by Lorraine Luk, Wall Street Journal

In a rare move, China devalued its currency on Tuesday and analysts say given Apple’s large exposure to the China market, it could hit the Cupertino, Calif. company’s sales in U.S. dollar terms.

The Alphabet Net

Google Restructures, Naming Parent Company Alphabet, by Zach Miners, IDG News Service

Google will become a subsidiary of a new parent company called Alphabet, under a massive restructuring arrangement designed to let the company’s businesses operate more efficiently.

A,B,C As Easy As 1,2,3 — Follow The Money In The Google Renaming, by Kara Swisher, Re/code

It’s an effective message to Wall Street to make the company structure more clear, even if it is not really that different from before (all these units once rolled up to Google CEO Larry Page and now will roll up to Alphabet CEO Larry Page).

Giving Google Room To Dream Big Beyond Search, by Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

Over the last few years, the tech industry’s outsized ambitions to press ever more deeply into our lives has generated both worry and amusement. Tech founders increasingly argue that every sector of modern life, including health care, transportation, media and education, will be improved by the liberal application of computing technology.

Now Google has created a structure to realize just this supposed utopia.

Pichai Tapped To Run Restructured Google Within Alphabet, by Brad Stone, Bloomberg

On Monday, Pichai, 43, was tapped to be chief executive officer of Google itself, the dominant unit of the new holding company Alphabet Inc., a stunningly rapid ascent to the top echelon of U.S. business. Now comes the hard part. His new role will be about positioning Google for the future, which hands him some of the toughest jobs in all of tech -- like shifting the profit engine from the desktop to mobile and combating the rapid growth of Inc. in e-commerce and cloud computing and Facebook Inc. in social networking.

And Then, There're These

$440b company just radically changed corp structure to advantage innovation while you debate whether your VP will like slide 14 of the ppt

— Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) August 10, 2015

The new parent company will be able to pursue new areas of interest that had previously been off-limits to Google.

— Tom Randall (@tsrandall) August 10, 2015

Crossing my fingers that the Alphabet reorganization will finally dilute their focus enough so an RSS reader makes sense again.

— Paul Bausch (@pbausch) August 10, 2015

Parting Words

Newspaper correction of the day from this morning’s @thetimes

— Mr Eugenides (@Mr_Eugenides) August 11, 2015

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