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Sat, Sep 5, 2015The Most-Hallowed-Of-Days Edition

International Bacon Day Is Saturday. Here Are 18 Ways To Celebrate, by Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times

In observance of this most hallowed of days, we've compiled 18 of our favorite recipes. From breakfast to dessert, main courses to sides, you can celebrate. All. Day. Long.

16 Deliciously Porky Ways To Celebrate International Bacon Day, by Sophie Quick, The Telegraph

For International Bacon Day, we bring you the best ways to celebrate - from bacon-flavoured toothpaste to bacon desserts

Make Perfect, Crispy Bacon Every Time, by Dan Benjamin, Bacon Method

It's easy. Here's how.

The Upgrade Cycle

Why You Should Upgrade (On Your Own Terms), by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

In fact, apart from certain security-related updates that would be good to get sooner rather than later, I think waiting a decent amount of time before upgrading makes a ton of sense. Immediate upgrades are for those of us whose business revolves around the latest details — we’re the penguins diving off the ice floe first so the rest of you can jump in without worrying about leopard seals. Wait a bit after a major upgrade, and for a minor update or two to address bugs that became obvious only after widespread public release.

App Release Notes Are Getting Stupid, by Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Mobile app publishers have begun to play fast and loose with their release notes, which is the area where they’re supposed to communicate the changes shipping with the most recent app update to the end users. This inattention to detail is a disservice to users, who no longer have the benefit of understanding what the updated app will now do — or not do — as the case may be.

Without details, users can’t make an informed decision about whether they want to install that update at all.

Follow Up Droid

The Physics Of How That Star Wars BB-8 Toy Works, by Rhett Allain, Wired

First, let’s look at the bottom of BB-8. It’s a sphere that can roll. So, how do you make a sphere roll without pushing it? This one isn’t so difficult. All you need is a moveable mass inside the sphere.

Want To See Sphero's BB-8 Tackle Sand, Cats, And Dogs? Check Out Our Review, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

Yep, his little robotic head may connect to his body with magnets, but it also uses little wheels to move around his body—wheels that very, very quickly get clogged up with dirt, hair, and all sorts of unpleasantness.

Follow-Up Movie

ReThink Review -- Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine -- An Apple Hater's Manifesto, by Jonathan Kim, Huffington Post

That's why it really bums me out that The Man In the Machine makes little attempt to portray someone who was, by most accounts, a complex, iconic, but all-too-flawed man who, over the course of his career, could be both inventor and thief, monk and businessman, brat and sage, tyrant and beloved leader, and managed to use those conflicting traits to both change the world and create the most valuable, influential, and admired company on the planet. Instead, The Man In the Machine is focused largely on the thesis that Jobs was always and only a jerk, that people who enjoy Apple products and admire Jobs are idiots and cult members, and that the computer revolution that was born of Jobs' vision must inevitably contain the same ugly darkness Gibney feels is Jobs' defining trait, despite any evidence to the contrary.


Apple CarPlay Review, by Dan Selfert, The Verge

But for all of the complaints, CarPlay is still miles better than the interface on many cars, including the one on this otherwise very cool Corvette Stingray. It provides a simpler and safer way to access the services you want from your phone while driving, and you don’t have to learn a completely new interface just to do that.

Worms 4 Blasts Its Way Onto The iPhone And iPad, by Joseph Keller, iMore

Architecture Of Radio: An iPad App Shows Invisible Signals, by Parvinder Marwaha, I Am Expat

Dutch artist Richard Vijgen designed Architecture of Radio, an iPad app that lets users explore the "infosphere" - a term used to describe an environment that is populated by informational entities like wireless and wired networks, as well as other electronic signals.


The Watch Face Wars, by John Moltz, A Very Nice Web Site

Samsung made a nice looking watch. But the reason it looks nice to us is the same reason cars that looked like horse-drawn coaches probably looked nice to people in the late 1800s. It’s just what we’re used to. It’s time to rethink that.

Take Better Selfies., by Aanand Prasad, Medium

Do you ever hate how you look in photos taken by other people? That’s because other people have no clue how to make you look good. But you can very easily learn how.

I Met My First Girlfriend Through Windows 95: An Internet Love Story, by Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica

Parting Words

YouTube should put the ad inside the "skip this ad in 'x' seconds" box because that's the only thing I'm paying attention to.

— SeoulBrother (@SeoulBrother) September 4, 2015

Thanks for reading. And have a wonderful International Bacon Day.