MyAppleMenu - Sat, Oct 3, 2015

Sat, Oct 3, 2015The A-Funny-Thing Edition

Apple’s 3D Touch Is The Start Of A New Interface Revolution, by David Pierce, Wired

If you want to understand the potential of 3D Touch, the new of method of tapping and pressing on the screens of the latest iPhones, forget about the marketing lingo. Don’t think about Peeks or Pops or Quick Actions. Instead, think about reading—the kind you do with a textbook, highlighting text and scribbling in the margins. The kind of reading that you basically can’t do on your phone.

Tim Cook’s Apple Has Forced The Whole Tech World To Realign, by Marcus Wohlsen, Wired

But then a funny thing happened. Apple customers didn’t start demanding new devices for work. They adapted their work to the Apple devices they already had.

Jimmy Iovine Wants You To Pay For Apple Music. Here's Why., by Ryan Faughnder, Los Angeles Times

In an interview at his Culver City office, Iovine laid out his plan to simplify music consumption and discovery with Apple's all-in-one service. Modern music delivery, he contends, is a messy patchwork of systems. People use AM/FM in the car, Pandora for online radio, iTunes for downloads and Spotify for instant access.

Apple Music's mission, Iovine says, is to combine all the features people enjoy into one tidy package and make things simpler for consumers.


New Wave Of Apple TV Developer Kits Opens Up Ahead Of Late October Launch, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Citing ‘overwhelming demand’, Apple has expanded the number of Apple TV Developer Kits available for registered developers who applied for a chance to receive the pre-release hardware last month. A number of developers (but not all) who previously missed out on the initial wave of test units have been notified by Apple Developer Relations that more dev kits have been made available for $1 and will be available for ordering through next Friday at 5 pm local on October 9th.

BundleCult, MacSprout, Others Allegedly Scamming Developers, by MacNN

A group of developers are alleging that the people behind the recently-completed BundleCult bundles has a history of not paying developers.The lead developer of CoreCode, Julian Mayer, contacted us first to discuss the issue. After not getting paid for his offering, Mayer found similar issues across several bundles, which then all seem to link to the same organizing entity.

Lessons Learned Writing Highly Available Code, by Jacob Greenleaf, Medium


Why iPads And Chromebooks Won’t Save The Classroom, by Alex Klein, Fast Company

Why, in the age of computational creativity, when every school district, mayor, and R&B frontman wants to get your kids coding—creating with technology, not just consuming it—do we keep putting iPads and Chromebooks in students’ hands?

The Future Of The Internet Is Flow, by David Gelernter and Eric Freeman, Wall Street Journal

Today, time-based structures, flowing data—in streams, feeds, blogs—increasingly dominate the Web. Flow has become the basic organizing principle of the cybersphere. The trend is widely understood, but its implications aren’t.

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