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Sun, Oct 18, 2015The Anti-Reflective Edition

Apple Launches Quality Program For MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Issues, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple has issued an internal notice about a new Quality Program that addresses anti-reflective coating issues on MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina displays. These issues include the anti-reflective coating on displays wearing off or delaminating under certain circumstances.

According to MacRumors, Apple will be contacting affected customers.

So Here's The Thing, by Anil Dash, Medium

Now, I get the argument that says this doesn’t matter. The new mouse charges so fast that you’d only been staring at this lunacy for a minute or two before your mouse was charged. But Apple’s entire design brand is based on paying attention to details that logically don’t really matter.

"You got to make the back of the fence that nobody will see just as good looking as the front of the fence. Even though nobody will see it, you will know, and that will show that you're dedicated to making something perfect."

"The back of our computer looks better than the front of their computers."

Would You Tell Apple When You've Had Sex?, by Ashley Gold, BBC

Megan King, who lives in New York City, had used Clue - one of the other reproductive health trackers - for about a year before iOS9 was released.

Such apps are a good way to track menstrual cycle and fertility, she said.


Troubleshoot And Manage High Battery Usage In iOS 9, by Topher Kessler, MacIssues


A Few Words (And An Incredibly Short Run) With Apple’s Fitness Guru Jay Blahnik (Q&A), by Dawn Chmielewski, Re/code

We found that there has been a consistent message back from consumers, saying, “I’m really motivated to close my rings every night.” Whether they’re beginners or elite athletes, we’re hearing the same stories all over, which is: “It’s 9 p.m., my ring’s not quite closed, I’ll take my dog out for one more walk around the block.”

'Desperate': What Agencies Think Of PC Makers' New Ad Campaign, by Shareen Pathak, Digiday

David Eastman, managing partner at MCD Partners said that the partnership between the PC makers feels “desperate.” And possibly even, “nostalgic” — a yearning for days gone by that probably won’t come back. “Campaigns in which multiple competitive brands with common vested interests come together rarely succeed,” said Eastman.

Ted Florea, who heads strategy at PNYC, said that for him, suggested PC makers are admitting defeat in a way, finally accepting a binary worldview that Apple itself put out a decade ago with its “Mac vs. PC” ads. Worse, the tagline itself is misguided in that asking “PC Does What?” feels almost tone deaf. “Not knowing what a PC does is a failure of all the players involved to stay relevant,” he said.

Waiting For The Real Mouse

Apple must be working hard to re-do the Magic Mouse 2 so that the mouse will continue to work with the lightning cable plugged in, right?


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