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Mon, Oct 19, 2015The Captured-By-Mistake Edition

Apple 'Live Photos' Has A Big Privacy Issue -- Should iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Users Worry?, by Brian Fagioli, BetaNews

I decided to go back and check some of my other Live Photos to see if I captured anything by mistake. Sure enough, there was something embarrassing in a picture of my dog. I quickly snapped a photo of her sleeping because she looked so cute. The problem? I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing nothing more than a towel. Besides capturing my dog, Live Photo captured me in the mirror in an undressed state when I moved my arm after.

1Password Leaks Your Data, by Dale Meyers

After this my confidence has been shaken. However, I will continue to use 1Password. Sure, there are problems with metadata. I’ll now have to switch to the OPVault format and lose the 1PasswordAnywhere functionality. Yes, they didn’t broadcast the downsides of using the older vault format and they make it difficult to use the new one by default. However, they didn’t ever deny this. They clearly document their keychain formats to the extent that anyone can go and write something which can decrypt it. I didn’t read the documentation when I signed up. I admittedly shouldn’t have to, but it’s their. AgileBits dropped the ball on metadata security, but I have no worries at all that my passwords are still safe.


Harry Potter And The iBooks Author, by Michael E. Cohen, TidBITS

While this news might not be especially interesting to readers who already have copies of the books in paper or in the digital editions previously released by Pottermore, Rowling’s digital entertainment and ecommerce company, it does have some significance for those with a general interest in digital book publishing tools. Why? Because of the books’ iBooks Author connection.

Publishers Straddle The Apple-Google, App-Web Divide, by Katie Benner and Conor Dougherty, New York Times

The Internet was supposed to be a place where billions of potential users could be reached in one place, simply and inexpensively. But as Applefocuses on apps and Google pushes the mobile web, businesses are grappling with a fragmenting online world.


Studiometry 12 Adds A Weekly Calendar, Introduces Studiometry Cloud, by Joseph Keller, iMore

Oranged Software, the developers behinded Mac project management software Studiometry, has released Studiometry 12, a major update that makes organizing and analyzing your business data easier than ever. With this release, Oranged also introduces Studiometry Touch for iPhone and iPad, along with Studiometry Cloud, a new syncing service.

Waze iOS App Gets Major Design Revamp For Easier Navigation, Reporting And Sharing, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac


How Can We Achieve Age Diversity In Silicon Valley?, by Steven Levy, Medium

In my view, age information should be included in those diversity reports, to underline the need for change— and, even more important, those in charge of company cultures should view age diversity as a plus.

Right now, that’s not happening.

CodeSwitch For Mac OS X Automatically Converts Objective-C Code To Swift, by MacTech

Of Mouses And Me

I didn't mind the original iMac "hockey-puck" mouse. In fact, because I can feel that little cable with my fingers, I didn't have any problems orientating the mouse right-side up.


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