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Why Do People Keep Coming To This Couple’s Home Looking For Lost Phones?, by Kashmir Hill, Fusion

It started the first month that Christina Lee and Michael Saba started living together. An angry family came knocking at their door demanding the return of a stolen phone. Two months later, a group of friends came with the same request. One month, it happened four times. The visitors, who show up in the morning, afternoon, and in the middle of the night, sometimes accompanied by police officers, always say the same thing: their phone-tracking apps are telling them that their smartphones are in this house in a suburb of Atlanta.

But the phones aren’t there, Lee and Saba always protest, mystified at being fingered by these apps more than a dozen times since February 2015. “I’m sorry you came all this way. This happens a lot,” they’d explain. Most of the people believe them, but about a quarter of them remain suspicious, convinced that the technology is reliable and that Lee and Saba are lying.


Apple Takes 50% Off Popular Productivity Apps In New iOS App Store Campaign, by AppleInsider

In its latest iOS App Store promotion, Apple is for a limited time knocking 50 percent off a selection of 14 productivity titles like PCalc, task manager Things, second screen solution Duet Display and more.

10 Ways To Use Your iPhone More Efficiently Than You Are, by Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post

Nothing here is secret information. But these are all things that save me time and that I'm happy to share with other iPhone users. So, without further ado, here are the top iOS tips that make my life easier.

Ask The iTunes Guy: Understanding iCloud Storage, Issues With Songs Ratings, by Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Apple gives you 5GB iCloud storage for free, but do you know what you can do with it? Does it have anything to do with music in the cloud, or on your iPhone or iPad? I ponder this question, along with a question about the needlessly complex issue of rating songs and albums in iTunes.

One Week With Apple’s CarPlay, by Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica

CarPlay is a great way to get a top-shelf software experience while driving, especially when compared to the almost universally awful options from car manufacturers. It's hard to overstate how bad most car companies are at making software. CarPlay brings competent, modern design to the car along with all your phone data, up-to-date maps, and tons of music apps. It integrates beautifully with the car, taking over the screen, steering wheel controls, and even turning down the HVAC system when issuing a voice command.

The experience here is so much better than what car manufacturers ship, we have a hard time believing any iPhone owner with access to CarPlay would choose to ignore it. Access to CarPlay is the hard part, though. You'll either need to buy a brand new CarPlay-capable car or go through the complicated process of gutting your existing system and installing an aftermarket receiver. We don't really see a way to fix this problem, but it's a big barrier for most users. There are also a few edge cases where CarPlay won't integrate seamlessly with the car—namely models where navigation directions can be shown directly in front of the driver via a heads-up display or digital instrument panel, but those directions won't be sourced from CarPlay.

iPhone Users Can Save Enough On This NYT Subscription To Buy A New Pair Of Beats, by Christina Warren, Mashable

The New York Times is experimenting with its digital subscription pricing — at least if you have an iPhone.


Another Apple TV Ad Touts Apps As 'The Future Of Television', by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Apple has just debuted a brand new ad for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Unsurprisingly, the new ad continues the company’s trend of promoting the set-top box’s ability to run a variety of apps.

Google Reportedly Paid Apple $1B In 2014 To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS, by Jon Russell, TechCrunch

There’s always been plenty of speculation around how much Google pays Apple to include its search services inside iOS devices, and we finally have some clarity over that figure. Information raised as part of an ongoing legal case between Oracle and Google shows the search firm compensated Apple to the tune of $1 billion in 2014.

Apple India Head Quits, Hunt On For New Business Head, by Anirban Sen, Times of India

Apple has launched a hunt for a new head for its India business, following the exit of long-time country manager and former AOL executive Maneesh Dhir, under whose watch sales from India grew from a mere $100 million to over $1 billion, according to three people directly familiar with the developments.

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I wish the Macbook I using now will be the last laptop that I'll buy. I wish by the time I need to replace this current Macbook, I can switch to an iPad and do all the things I wanted to do on the tablet.

For this happen, one of the following need to happen. One: Apple ported Xcode over to iOS, and I can create apps for my own use on iOS. Or two: I lost interest in doing programming.


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