The Yellow-iPad Edition Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jony Ive Designs One-off iPad Pro And Accessories For Charity Auction, by Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch

The iPad is of the Pro 12.9″ variety, and Ive has had it anodized with a special yellow dye. It comes with a cobalt blue leather smart cover, lined with the original microfiber: suede. You’ll want the Apple Pencil as well, which has a fiery orange leather case.


Put A Smartphone Safari In Your Pocket, by AFP

Virry is an award-winning app that helps children get closer to nature and it is now available on iPhones and the Apple TV

Aware For Mac Tells You How Long You've Been Working So You Can Take Breaks, by Kristin Wong, LifeHacker

It sits in your menu bar and shows up as a small icon, like your battery life, so you can simply glance up and see how long it’s been.


Apple Says It Has The 'Most Effective Security Organization In The World', by Lauren Goode, The Verge

Apple said in a press briefing earlier today that it has the "most effective security organization in the world," and discussed multiple layers of iPhone security on both the hardware and software side to underscore this point.

Apple Says FBI Has Not 'Exhausted' Options To Access Data On New York iPhone, by Colin Lecher, The Verge

In a new filing entered today by Apple in its legal dispute with the FBI over a locked iPhone in New York, the company says the agency "has made no showing that it has exhausted alternative means for extracting data from the iPhone at issue here." The company points to the San Bernardino case, where "the government ultimately abandoned its request after claiming that a third party could bypass [security] features without Apple’s assistance."

Researchers Crack Microsoft And Google’s Shortened URLs To Spy On People, by Andy Greenberg, Wired

For anyone with minimalist tastes or an inability to use copy-paste keyboard shortcuts, URL shorteners may seem like a perfectly helpful convenience. Unfortunately, the same tools that turn long web addresses into a few characters also offer the same conveniences to hackers—including any of them motivated enough to try millions of shortened URLs until they hit on the one you thought was private.

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Why yellow iPad? Speaking as someone who owns very little yellow things, I'm interested to find out why.


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