The Watch-The-Stream Edition Monday, June 13, 2016

Where To Watch The Live Stream For Today’s Apple WWDC Keynote, by Romain Dillet,TechCrunch

Apple is likely to announce iOS 10 and macOS 12, as well as a brand new Siri with third-party integrations at the conference. It’s going to be a packed one.

How Your Apple Rumor Sausage Gets Made, by Alyssa Bereznak, The Ringer

How does a piece of information from one of the world’s most secretive companies materialize online? It’s a much more opaque process than you might expect. A nugget of information about an unreleased Apple product usually originates in one of four places: an analyst theorizing about what’s next, a discovery within the latest beta operating system’s code, an inside source from the company or a supplier, or a leaked photo from the floor of the Taiwanese Foxconn factory, Apple’s main iPhone manufacturer.

Apple's Newest Innovatoin: Wastewater Treatment To Cool Prineville Data Centers, by Mike Rogoway, The Oregonian

The company confirmed last week that it has agreed to pay for a treatment facility to re-use water for evaporative cooling in its Prineville data centers. By recycling water for Apple instead of taking it straight from the tap, the city says its new facility will save nearly 5 million gallons a year.


Moldiv Photo-editing App Turns Vacation Pics Into Magazine Layouts, by Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times

It’s a photo-editing app that can do everything from polishing the look of your selfies to turning your vacation pics into glossy layouts worthy of a travel magazine.


Apple UI Design Has Jumped The Shark, by Rondam Ramblings

At the risk of stating what ought to be painfully obvious, computers are primarily meant to be useful things, not objects d'art.

Microsoft Buys Professional Social Networking Service LinkedIn For $26.2B, by AppleInsider

Microsoft on Monday announced it will acquire LinkedIn in an all-cash transaction worth $26.2 billion, bringing more than 433 million members of the social networking site under the Redmond, Wash., company's banner.

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The NeXT purchase was, in comparison, cheap. Of course, the tradeoff being that (almost) everyone who has a part in the decision to purchase NeXT were gone from the company soon after.


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