The Ridges-And-Bumps Edition Sunday, January 22, 2017

How To Make The iPhone's Touch ID Work With Gloves, by Christina Warren, Gizmodo

A fun trick I discovered a while back that has continued to work with numerous pairs of gloves I’ve owned is to simply train my iPhone to learn the fingerprint of my glove hand. The capacitive material has its own ridges and bumps that, believe it or not, will work with the iPhone’s Touch ID training system.

Want Night Shift For Your Mac Or PC? Here's How To Keep The Blue Light Away, by Jamie Pham, Paste Magazine

It’s not easy as it would be if Apple would introduce the feature directly into macOS, but getting f.lux is pretty straightforward.

The Internet Of Things Is Coming For Us, by William Neuman, New York Times

Order gives way to chaos. The internet of things turns on its makers.

In Response To Guardian’s Irresponsible Reporting On WhatsApp: A Plea For Responsible And Contextualized Reporting On User Security, by Technosociology

You recently published a story with the alarming headline “WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages.” This story included the phrasing “security loophole”.

Unfortunately, your story was the equivalent of putting “VACCINES KILL PEOPLE” in a blaring headline over a poorly contextualized piece. While it is true that in a few cases, vaccines kill people through rare and unfortunate side effects, they also save millions of lives.

You would have no problem understanding why “Vaccines Kill People” would be a problem headline for a story, especially given the context of anti-vaccination movements. But your series of stories on WhatsApp does the same disservice and perpetrates a similar public health threat against secure communications.