The iPad-Communication Edition Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leawood Boy With Speech Disorder Uses iPad App To Communicate, by Rae Daniel, KSHB 41

“Before the iPad, we really didn't know how much we would be able to verbally communicate or how interested he was in language or letters because he didn't have any way of telling us,” Children’s Therapy Services owner and Cade’s therapist Jennie Bjorem said. “We know he's spelling, probably doing some reading. We've allowed him to completely have the device to himself so he can learn to motor plan and learn where things are.”

Jaclyn Griffin said just within the few months that he’s had the iPad, she’s seeing a lot more confidence in her son.

4 Things To Consider Before Enabling iCloud Photo Library, by Mike Matthews, TidBITS

This cloud-based approach has a couple of welcome byproducts. Although it shouldn’t be seen as the backup, a cloud-based photo library certainly does provide another copy of everything in a location that’s safe from fire, flood, or theft. Also, sharing photos with family and friends becomes a bit easier.

If you decide to use iCloud Photo Library, here are four things to think about before you flip that switch and turn it on.


Cone — A Live Color Picker For Your iPhone, by Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful Pixels

Cone is a delightful little app by Kushagra Agarwal that works as a live color picker. It uses your iPhone’s camera to preview what it sees and instantly tells you what the name and hex value of color is.

An App For Mothers Who Missed Out On Tinder, by Sophia Kercher, New York Times

The afternoon was what Ms. Kolnick calls “a mom date,” and a meetup between their 1-year-olds. The women matched on Peanut, an app designed for like-minded mothers to connect.

On the app, users can swipe up to wave and swipe down to move to the next “mama.” If two users wave, it’s a match.


Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2017 For Mac Out Of Preview, by Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat

Visual Studio for Mac supports native Android, iOS, and Mac development via Xamarin, and server development via .NET Core with Azure integration.


Apple Announces $1 Billion Data Center Expansion East Of Reno, by Anjeanette Damon, Reno Gazette-Journal

Because of a quirk in state law, the state can abate all but 2 percent of the sales tax rate paid by Apple on the computer equipment needed for its data center.

As part of Wednesday's deal, however, Apple will build a warehouse on land in downtown Reno that's part of a tourism improvement district created in 2009. By moving the computer equipment needed for the data center through that warehouse, it will be able to chip another 1.5 percent off its sales tax rate.

We Found Apple's Mysterious Office In Berlin, by Sam Shead, Business Insider

The office, which Apple has never publicly confirmed the existence of, was linked to the highly secretive Apple Car project last April and its location has been a mystery until now.

There are no Apple logos to be seen but the company does have its name next to a tiny buzzer outside the building's main door.

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