The Royalty-Free Edition Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intel’s Plan To Thunderbolt 3 All Of The Things, by Brian Barrett, Wired

USB-C helped with that some: 180 Intel Core PCs now offer Thunderbolt 3, with another 30 or so expected by the end of the year. They’re accompanied by over 60 peripherals. Now, though, Intel is taking two steps to push that adoption even further: integrating Thunderbolt 3 into Intel CPUs, and then making the Thunderbolt protocol specification available to third-party chipmakers, royalty-free, later this year.

How Thunderbolt 3 Won The Port Wars, by Gordon Mah Ung, PC World

It's also hard not to see this as an inevitable win for Thunderbolt 3 over any competing standards. The biggest loser is likely USB. Like Thunderbolt, USB was created by Intel and eventually set free. USB spec officials have always maintained that Thunderbolt 3 and USB did not compete, but the standard seems to be running out of steam.


The upshot: Within the next year or two, you may have a hard time finding a PC without Thunderbolt 3. For laptops, that's great news, as they'll be able to hook up ultra-fast external drives, rock single-cable docks, and add external graphics support. These are all good things.

Local Talent

Apple's First Store In Southeast Asia Is Here, And This Is What It Looks Like, by Yvette Tan, Mashable

The store is one of Apple's nine high profile stores across the world, which are in places like Ginza, Dubai, Soho and New York.

Local Talent To Feature Prominently At Singapore’s First Apple Store, by Kevin Kwang, Channel NewsAsia

The local community, and the talent within, will be a key focus for the first Apple Store in Singapore, which opens on Saturday (May 27).

According to Ms Ashley Middleton, who heads the programming for Today at Apple – an initiative offering hands-on educational sessions at the company's stores – the goal is to highlight the local talent, through various categories and their passions.


Apple Issues New Firmware Update For AirPods Owners, by Roger Fingas, AppleInsider

The update should install automatically the next time a person connects their AirPods to a paired iPhone or iPad, as long as they're stored inside a plugged-in charging case. [...]

As usual with the earbuds, Apple hasn't supplied release notes. That likely implies minor bugfixes and/or performance boosts, rather than any significant changes in functionality.

IFTTT Launches Powerful Applet Tools In New Maker Tier, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

One of the most significant privileges granted to users on the Maker tier is the ability to create applets with more than two actions. Previously applets could only have one 'If' and one 'Then' action each, but Makers can now create applets that have multiple 'Then' steps. So you can set up an applet that triggers based on one thing, then takes several different actions because of that initial trigger. Applet building in this way more closely resembles the power of a service like Zapier.

Twitter For Apple TV Gains Support For Live 360 Degree Video And Periscope Global Map, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple TV users can watch live 360 degree videos directly on their television sets, navigating through the scene with the Siri remote.


Apple Transitions To Newsroom Portal For Press Releases, Updates Executive Bios Page Design, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple has today officially transitioned away from its ageing press portal in favour of the modern Apple Newsroom, which combines company press releases, photo coverage and other news into one place. All links to now redirect to

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Most of the time when I am listening to audio on my iPhone, I am listening to either podcasts or audiobooks. And unlike when listening to music, I often have to rewind back x seconds to re-listen to what I have missed, and I seldom fast forward. (Yes, I do listen to all your commercials.)

Well, the gesture to go back in time is triple-click on the remote control. As opposed to a simplier double-click for going forward in time. Which is not really optimize for me. Almost every time I had to triple-click, I wish the gesture can be simplier.

(Yes, I often lose count.)


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