The Element-Of-Curiosity Edition Sunday, August 13, 2017

Meet The Code Detective Uncovering Apple Secrets, by

"There's an element of curiosity about it, especially for something as important to our lives as the smartphone," explains Troughton-Smith, who attended DCU but didn't graduate from his Digital Media Engineering course. "It's fun to get excited about possible new things, or get an idea for where the industry is heading. Apple has tremendous reach and any new feature they build will get distributed to somewhere near a billion users simultaneously, which has a ripple effect across so many industries.

What The Apple Pencil Does Well, by MacDrifter

I have a preference for apps that work well with the Apple Pencil, which means they at least need to have pressure response. Most do not have support for side-shading with the Pencil, which isn't that important to me.

I really care about the feel of the ink and pencil sketching. It can't lag and it needs to look fairly realistic. I don't mind tweaking the ink system but I don't want to switch pen modes often.

15 Apps To Power Up Your Productivity, by Darien Graham-Smith, The Guardian

Forget the paper trail… give your productivity a digital boost.

AirDropping Penis Pics Is The Latest Horrifying Subway Trend, by Melkorka Licea, New York Post

In order for pervs to send lewd photos, iPhone owners must have their AirDrop setting on “Everyone,” instead of “Contacts Only” or “Receiving Off.”

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Just finished watching: Chasing Coral, by Jeff Orlowski. Recommended as an introduction to the subjects of global warming and the coral ecosystem.


I want bigger screens, but my pockets are still of the same size.


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