The Below-One-Month Edition Tuesday, August 22, 2017

AirPods Ship Times Drop To 2-3 Weeks From Apple Amid Immediate Availability From Resellers, by AppleInsider

AirPods ship times from Apple's online store have dropped below one month for the first time since the popular headphones debuted more than eight months ago, though third-party resellers have stock available for immediate purchase.

iPad Vs Mac: Episode 7, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

As it becomes a more general-purpose machine, the iPad will continue to steal uses and users from the Mac. As often stated by its execs, Apple isn’t worried about cannibalization. More important, the iPad’s ever-improving UI and functionality will wrest users from its competitors.

This leaves the Mac line doing nicely for two disconnected reasons: High-end “truck-like” applications, and the estimable population of users who, as a matter of personal preference, opt for the traditional “horizontal-hands” UI.

Apple AI Expert, Tom Gruber Explains Siri’s “Humanistic AI” At TED, by Greg Barbosa, 9to5Mac

Gruber explains that “the purpose of AI is to empower humans with machine intelligence” and that the two can work together effectively. In his talk, he goes through various examples of how AI can be used to improve upon normal human functions and interactions. Starting with Siri, Gruber explains that the virtual assistant was designed as humanistic AI. The assistant may not be world-changing for some users, but for others it quite literally is.

Apple ‘Spaceship’ Neighbors: Some Say Life Has Been Hell, by Seung Lee, San Jose Mercury News

Resignation permeates Birdland’s streets, organized west to east and named after birds from Albatross Drive to Wren Avenue. Many are bracing for a rapid change in Birdland’s demographics once Apple Park opens, as longtime residents — many of whom are retired and middle class — cash in on skyrocketing housing prices and increased demand.

“My life has been a constant hell since October 2013,” said IrisAnn Nelson, who has lived on Nightingale Avenue since 1996. “We get treated like we don’t matter. Cupertino doesn’t care because we’re not in Cupertino. Sunnyvale doesn’t seem to care either.”


Chronos Debuts Notelife For macOS And iOS, by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

Chronos has released Notelife for macOS and iOS. It’s a note manager that uses iCloud to sync notes across all of a user’s devices.

If iStat Menus Overwhelms You, Check Out Stater For macOS, by Aaron Lee, Apple World Today

The four dock icon views contain all basic system parameter charts and even a top-process icon in multi-core view during high CPU usage.

Parallels And VMware Unveil Paid Upgrades To Windows-on-Mac Software, by Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Parallels and VMware both announced new versions of their virtualization products for Macs today, with performance improvements and optimizations for the upcoming releases of MacOS and Windows. VMware is also releasing a new version of Workstation, its desktop virtualization software for Windows and Linux PCs.

AccuWeather iOS App Misleads Users As It Sends Location Data Even When Denied Access, by Greg Barbosa, 9to5Mac

AccuWeather on iOS may be violating Apple’s developer agreement as well as user trust, a new security audit reveals. Will Strafach, a security researcher, discovered that the iOS weather app is potentially sending out the identifiable user and device information to a third-party company even when location data sharing is denied.


Apple Updates Safari Extensions Webpage With Focus On Mac App Store, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

The redesign includes a prominent link to the extensions available in the Mac App Store, and also features the ability to install extensions from the webpage with a single click.


Videos In iOS 11 Beta Show Alternate Control Center, App Switcher Gestures On iPhone Without Touch ID, by Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider

Interestingly, the video demonstrates Control Center access by swiping right, an action that activates the camera in current versions of iOS 11 beta.

A second, much shorter, clip shows a quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen activates the iOS app switcher.

Apple Australia Says All Australian Revenue Booked Locally, by Chris Duckett, ZDNet

"Apple continues to have a straightforward business model here in Australia that has essentially remained unchanged for decades," Apple Australia managing director Tony King told the committee on Tuesday morning.

"We buy, distribute, and sell Apple's products to resellers and customers -- the revenue from which is all recorded locally in our accounts."

Teaching Kids Coding, By The Book, by Alexandra Alter, New York Times

Over the past five years, some 40,000 girls have learned to code through the organization’s summer camps and afterschool programs. But Ms. Saujani wanted to expand the group’s reach, and was looking for new ways to recruit girls into the tech industry.

For a tech evangelist, her solution was surprisingly retro and analog: books. Girls Who Code is creating a publishing franchise, and plans to release 13 books over the next two years through a multibook deal with Penguin. The titles range from board books and picture books for babies and elementary school children, to nonfiction coding manuals, activity books and journals, and a series of novels featuring girl coders.

Alexa, Are You Turning The Kids Into Spoiled Brats?, by Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review

When it comes to digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, my four-year-old niece Hannah Metz is an early adopter. Her family has four puck-like Amazon Echo Dot devices plugged in around her house—including one in her bedroom—that she can use to call on Alexa at any moment.

“Alexa, play ‘It’s Raining Tacos,’” she commanded on a recent sunny afternoon, and the voice-controlled helper immediately complied, blasting through its speaker a confection of a song with lines like “It’s raining tacos from out of the sky” and “Yum, yum, yum, yum, yumidy yum.”

Giggling and clapping, Hannah danced around the room. I think this ability to get music on demand is neat, too, and I didn’t want to be rude, so I danced with her. But at the same time I was wondering what it’s going to mean for her to grow up with computers as servants.

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