The Blind-User Edition Friday, November 3, 2017

iPhone X Review: There Are Some Adjustments And Compromises, But I Can’t Imagine Going Back, by David Goodwin, AppleVis

Although there is much more to the iPhone X than no Home button and the introduction of Face ID, these were the changes which I was most keen to experience and explore. The reason was a simple one - I expected these to be the changes which could potentially most affect my use and user experience of the iPhone X compared to previous iPhone models.

It already appears that adapting to these changes will not present any significant problems in practical terms.

However, I was slower in accepting what for me, as a blind user, is an increased risk to my security and privacy from the dropping of Touch ID in favor of Face ID. My personal situation and typical use case have allowed me to now mostly accept this, but this may not be the case for all blind iPhone users.

If, like me, you do decide to adapt and accept, then the iPhone X is likely to make you a very happy iPhone user.

iPhone X Shipping Improves To 3-4 Weeks From Apple, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

While some customers have noted improvements in ship times for their own individual iPhone X orders, Apple this evening lower the shipping window across the board if you’re still mulling a purchase. If you head to Apple’s Online Store, you’ll notice that Apple now lists all iPhone X models as shipping within 3-4 weeks.

Tim Cook Touches On iPhone X Pre-order Demand, Supply Issues, And More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Morgan Stanley analyst Kate Huberty asked Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri when Apple expects to catch up with iPhone X demand. Cook responded by explaining that the ramp for iPhone X production is going well, with week-by-week improvements in outputs.

The Apple CEO, however, says it’s impossible to predict when the supply and demand balance will equal out.

Why Face ID Makes Security On The iPhone X Invisible, by Jason Snell, Macworld

Face ID changes the game by separating the act of unlocking iPhone from physical interactions with the phone's screen or buttons. Put together with the Raise to Wake feature introduced with iOS 10, the natural act of lifting the iPhone X and glancing at it performs two tasks that used to require interaction: waking up the device and unlocking it. When I pull the iPhone X out of my pocket and look at it, it's already on and unlocked. I can decide what to do next.

Bug Report Follow Up

My Watch Reads This Site, by Paul Kafasis, One Foot Tsuanmi

Getting the badge now feels a bit anti-climactic, but I still appreciate it. However, all this prompts me to ask why this happened and why the watch was so slow to properly calculate my total, and why it revised my total downward before later fixing it.


I’m no longer certain that the Apple Watch is dumb. Instead, I think it may just be a jerk.

Q4 Results

Apple Posts Strong Q4 2017 Financial Results, by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Although Apple never splits out sales by individual model, CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 8 is the most popular new iPhone to date and that the iPhone 8 Plus got off to the fastest start of any Plus model. Despite doom and gloom in the media, the later release of the iPhone X seems not to have hurt Apple’s iPhone numbers significantly. We expect that the iPhone X will boost Apple’s revenues even further next quarter.

This Is Tim: Apple Q4 2017 Financial Call Transcript, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

Every three months, Apple executives spend an hour or so on the phone with financial analysts. Here’s a transcript of the call.

Apple CEO Cook Breathes New Life Into Old iPhones, by Stephen Nellis, Reuters

But beneath the headline revenue and profit figures, Cook also seemed to have solved two of Apple’s longest-standing problems: its heavy reliance on the latest flagship iPhone to buoy its profits, and its lack of affordable offerings to help budget-minded buyers see the benefits of joining Apple’s ecosystem of hardware and software.

And all Cook had to do was stop Apple’s unusual Steve Jobs-era policy of ruthlessly killing off old products when better ones came along.

More Stuff

Halide 1.5 Delivers A Stunning Edge-to-edge iPhone X Design, Depth And HEIC Support, More, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Created by former Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With, Halide is a beautiful iPhone camera app with gesture-based pro controls that launched earlier this year. With the release of the all-screen iPhone X tomorrow, Halide is out with a major update featuring a new user interface designed from scratch for the new device.

Overcast 4.0 Brings UI Optimizations For iOS 11 And iPhone X, Drag And Drop, And New Advanced Settings, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Overcast 4.0 may not have a splashy new design or major feature changes, but I believe Arment made a good call in rewriting the app's UI for iOS 11 and the iPhone X and focusing on refinements and overall polish for now. I'd rather have Overcast look great on my iPhone X this weekend than wait for months and use it in letterboxed mode.

Project Foodie: The Cookbook Of The Future, Today, by AppAdvice

Project Foodie was created out of a love of cooking and a desire to merge the best of recipe books, cooking shows, and more. It offers you wonderful dishes to prepare, with expert guidance from top chefs.

If you browse through the app, you'll find plenty of delectables to enjoy and share with your loved ones. This free app allows anyone to view and follow along with many of the recipes. Some dishes, denoted with blue crowns in the bottom right of the recipe image, are only available to premium (i.e., paid) members.

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Dear 'designers':

Now that Apple is switching from LCD to OLED screen, it is really time you folks stop giving us gray-text-on-gray-background designs. Not only are they horrible for my old eyes, they take up battery power too. Go for pure black, please.

Thank you.


My iTunes on the Mac refuses to let you restore my backup of iPhone 6 into iPhone X.

That's all.


Thanks for reading.