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Thursday, January 13, 2000

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Skin O' Trouble: The Apple's Look And Feel Saga Continues?
by AppleSurf
Apple has requested all Mac skins — including the latest WinAqua — be removed from and other similar web sites.

Is A Little Mouse Hurting You? Experts Say Try A Bigger One
by New York Times
People in the study who used the larger mouse maintained an acceptable wrist angle of less than 15.5 degrees twice as often as with the smaller one. The larger mouse... required arm movement rather than just hand movement.


Air Traffic Nightmare
by Forbes
Idiocies abound, thanks to brain-dead software design for the AirPort. Apple promises improvements this month; Steer clear until it delivers... Macintosh fanatics seem willing to believe any glorious pronouncement from Steve Jobs and ignore real-world glitches under the "Think Different" banner. Even when it's nobody's fault but Apple's, Teflon Steve always seems to wriggle free of blame. Not here.


Thursday, January 13, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Do you have a use for a genuine full-size Intel Gold Bunny Suit? Just don't get burnt.

Anyone want a Y2K-compliant stop sign?

From the rumormongers... AppleInsider speculates that the reason we didn't get to see the new Pismo PowerBooks and 17-inch iMacs was that Apple has no OS for them. The brand new still-beta Mac OS 9.0.1 was crashing the machines.

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