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Friday, January 14, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Soars On Analyst Support
Shares of Apple Computer soared today after investment bank Morgan Stanley Dean Witter raised its outlook on the personal computer maker.

Gates Turns Over Microsoft Reins
In a surprise announcement, Bill Gates said today that he will step down as Microsoft chief executive and had onver the reins to president Steve Ballmer.

Legal Tumult Over Aqua Look
After receiving a notice from Apple's lawyers instructing it to cease and desist, the Web site on Thursday posted a modification of a controversial "skin" that can make Windows desktops resemble Aqua, the newly unveiled user interface for Mac OS X.


Akamai Extends Reach In Europe
Extending the reach of its content-delivery network, Akamai Technologies Inc. has appointed Wolfgang Sthle as new president of its European operations.

Scoop: Why Bill Gates Stepped Down
by Salon
Needed more time to learn Linux.

AAPL Jumps On Analyst Upgrades
Apple jumped by as much as 11 percent Thursday after it got an upgrade from two analysts.

HP To Re-enter Mac Sanner Market
After a two-year hiatus, Hewlett-Packard Co. is returning to the Mac sanner market. The company's first new Mac sanner since 1997 is due to be unveiled within three months, the company said this week.

Apple Educates UK
by Macworld UK
Apple launches its new Apple Store for Education at the BETT 2000 show at Olympia, London, yesterday.

Microsoft Mac Man Exposes Apple iTools Security Hole
by The Register
[iTools'] plug-in transmits the user's password, presumably held locally to ensure users don't need to enter it every time they visit the iTools Web site or to activate their 20MB of remote storage, as plain text. "One could theoretically control the plug-in from any link that loads content into your Web browser. And you wouldn't even know it."


Dissecting The Keynote
When it comes to Apple's Internet strategy, for example, it's what wasn't discussed that's of paramount importance. By focusing only on the here and know, a lot of folks on The Street, tech sector, Mac community and even the media clearly didn't get it.

Apple Gets Testy About GUI
by SlashDot

Skin Off Apple's Nose
by Low End Mac
Instead of threatening, Apple should be flattered. Thousands and thousands of Windows users want to try the Mac OS X appearance now, months before OS X Consumer will be available. Steve Jobs has created that much excitement by demonstrating the new interface.


DeskJect 970Cse
by MacAddict
The DeskJect 970Cse is a superb machine. If you print a lot of color graphics and you're willing to spend more to get more, it's a great investment.

Studio Artist 1.1
by MacAddict
The innovations that Studio Artist brings to the digital art world are click-your-heels-twice incredible. The quirky interface will frustrate users at first but reward their patience in the end. This unusual painting software produces stunning effects for artists at any skill level.

Painter 6
by MacAddict
Painter 6 is worth the upgrade - it's a far better designed application. The new user interface makes adjusting brush and paint settings much easier. The only drawback is that you need a backgroun in natural media to take full advantage of Painter's strengths.

Tomb Raider III
by MacAddict
There are few things wrong with this game, and for series fans, it represents a passable upgrade. Unfortunately, you may also need to upgrade your hadrware, since Tomb Raider really requires a G3 or iMac to run well.

iMac DV Special Edition
by MacAddict
The iMac DV Special Edition is exactly what the folks at Apple intended it to be - the ultimate hobby machine. It's got enough juice, disk space, and connectivity for some serious video playing and editing. And unless you've already accessorized the house in Bondi blue, it's more likely to match your decor.


Friday, January 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

What breed of dog are you? I'm most like a Basset Hound.

"Just after Apple gets a 'Steve' as their permanent 'CEO', Microsoft had to do the same." — R.P. Phillips.

I guess probably sums up the negative side of what a lot of people are saying about the Mac OS X Aqua demo.


Can Gates The Businessman Become Gates The Innovator?
by Associated Press
My guess is that Bill gates simply doesn't have anything to prove anymore, and he found out that the last few years haven't been all that pleasant.

Microsoft Transforming Into Services Company
by Computer Reseller News
Microsoft has a new mission statement: "The world's largest software products company will be transformed into an Internet software services company."

Windows 2000 Systems To Debut Three Weeks Early
Major PC makers will begin selling Windows 2000 systems on Jan 24, nearly three weeks before Microsoft formally unveils the new operating system.

The Red Flag Linux Controversy
by LinuxWorld
Did you believe that the Chinese government would ban Windows 2000? J.S. Kelly... didn't believe the initial reports — but now thinks it may be a disinct possibility. Find out why.

Gates Reaction: What Everyone Is Saying
by ZDNet News
Even President Clinton chimed in with an opinion on the decision by Bill Gates to hand over his CEO title to Steve Ballmer.

Intel Tops Profit Forecasts
by Wired News
The world's largest chipmaker weighs in with earnings well ahead of Wall Street's expectations.

Ballmer Takes Over For Gates
by Wired News
Eager to get his hands on the technical side of his empire, Bill Gates has turned Microsoft over to longtime partner and friend, Steve Ballmer.

Windows 2000 Virus Detected
Windows 2000 won't come out for another month, but anti-virus software makers say they've found the first virus that targets Microsoft's forthcoming business operating system.

How The Gates Years Symbolized High Tech
Bill Gates knows where he wants to go today, and it's back to his roots.

Wall Street Not Worried About Microsoft Swap
Can anything hurt Microsoft's share price?

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