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Thursday, January 27, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Stakes Web Claim
by New York Times
What Microsoft may be preparing to do, and what Apple Computer has already started to do with its iTools, is to create a technical country club in cyberspace where the food is superior, the golf courses are more manicured, the pool is Bondi blue, the best coaches work there, the parties are cooler, and there are no old junkers in the parking lot.

Analyzing Aqua, Part Three
The Dock, at least what we've seen of it so far, seems problematic. It's easy for newbies to understand, and it does minimize windows better than the current Mac OS, but it's a huge step backwards for power users. And unless Apple nails down what the Dock is for in the first place, the interface's confusion will far outweigh any potential advantages.


Oh, Yes, And There's A Football Game, Too
by Christian Science Monitor
I'm not sure anyone will ever achieve what '1984' achieved by becoming the talk of the nation.

3 Years Ago: Gates, Apple Meet For Closer Ties
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates visited Apple Computer headquarters this month to discuss closer cooperation between the two companies, possibly including an arrangement invovling the Windows NT operating system... One item of discussion was the possibility of Apple's licensing Windows NT.

Apple Getting Some New Cometition In The Portable Market
Apple has an unprotected flank in the "thin" laptop end of the portable market, and the competition from that sector is getting stiffer all the time.


Ariston Ares
by Mac Gamers Ledge
Ares USB is bascially an "okay" joystick... I think it's a pretty decent joystick, but I had major complaints about the base button positioing and the software support.


Thursday, January 27, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

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Speculation on the next revision of iBook by Mac OS Rumors calls for a faster processor, more memory, and bigger hard disk. No surprises there.

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