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Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Top Stories

Desktop Video For All?
by PC Magazine
If you were to believe Apple's TV commercials, you'd think the next killer application will be video editing on PCs. Gosh, now you can take your boring home videos and make them into fabulous productions. You can add titles, edit and clip, and do all sorts of fancy wipes. Fantastic! Yeah, fantastic if you have no life. For the average computer user, this application stinks.

AMD, Intel Pushing Beyond 1 GHz
by ZDNet
The need for clock speed isn't abating. Now that AMD's won the drag race to 1,000 MHz, the marathon — pushing into gigahertz-plus realms — begins.

Can IBM And Motorola Get Along?
What are we to make of the claims that Motorola has been nobbling IBM's attempts to supply Apple not only with all the extra PowerPC 7400 (aka G4) processors it needs, but cheaper and faster ones than Motorola itself can provide?

Adding Multiple Users To One-computer Home
by Charleston.Net
Macintosh users have it real easy.


Macworld France Now Officially Macworld Europe
by MacCentral
The annual Macworld Expo in Paris is now officially dubbed Macworld Europe and will be the only European event supported by Apple now that Apple Expo UK has bitten the dust.

FireWire Vendor Under Fire
A bogus press release and ownership questions added up to big headaches this weekend for, a new e-commerce venture dedicated to selling FireWire products.

Id Software Releases Mac Quake 3 Arena 1.16m
by MacCentral
Released simultaneously for Mac, PC, and Linux, the new 1.16m beta version of the popular first person shooter, published by Activision, sports a number of key improvements.


Apple To Get Toasted In Processor Speedstakes?
by Low End Mac
Apple is clearly caught with its proverbial pants down in the clock speed race.

Mac OS X: The Big Change
by Low End Mac
Steve Jobs has given us high expectations, and I feel that those expectations are not bloated. The transfer [to Mac OS X] will be the maker or the breaker.

Is The Mac Spirit Dead?
by The Mac Observer
Sure, there are consumers out there that won't get it, but it's a limited crowd. The rest can learn why the Mac is so special when compared to the PC world.


My Review Of iRevie: It Sucks
by MacChat
iReview definitely has great potential... but the first thing Apple has to do is let its visitors control the review process.


Tuesday, March 7, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

From MacAddict, here's probably going a little too far...


MS Adds Word, Excel To PocketPC
by ZDNet
The company hopes to distinguish itself from rival Palm by adding office applications useful to the business traveler.

U.S. Confident Of Microsoft Victory
by San Jose Mercury News
Sources close to the government's case say they hope [Judge Thomas Penfield] Jackson will find that Microsoft's behavior was both outrageous and pervasive enough to justify a request for a "substantial" remedy, such as a breakup of the company. They insist, however, that the government has not decided whether or not to ask Jackson to break Microsoft up.

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