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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

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Microsoft In The Hardware Arena
[The] X-Box shows that Microsoft is catching on to the benefits of controlling its hardware destiny. It's a trend that will likely continue with the next generation of Internet-enabled appliacnes, and that's good news for a company like Apple that already knows how to deliver a compelling software and hardware experience.


From Internet Scientist, A Preview Of Extinction
by Washington Post
A respected creator of the Information Age has written an extraordinary critique of accelerating technological change in which he suggests that new technologies could cause "something like extinction" of humankind within the next two generations.

Adobe Rolls Out InDesign 1.5
Adobe Systems on Monday took another step toward challenging Quark's page-layout dominance by announcing InDesign 1.5, an update of its publishing software that addresses users' biggest gripes about the original version.

Apple Makes Play For Gamers
by ZDNet
While it's still a minority player in the gaming world, Apple Computer marshaled its forces to make a splash at last week's Game Developers Conference [in San Jose], and third parties seemed eager to join the team.


Apple Scores Prestigious Print Award
by Apple
Apple Computer Australia has won a Gold Medal for print excellence at this year's 17th Annual Print Association Awards.

A Question Of Productivity
by The Mac Junkie
The platform which yields the greater productivity in any organization depends greatly upon the relative comfort levels of the I.T. staff supporting it.

Of Megahertz, Men, ANd Processor Wars
by Daily iMac
If Apple isn't already looking beyond Motorola for a new source of processors, it's quite possible that they will in the very near future.


The Game Beats The Movie
by Macworld
[Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer], in which you jet around otherworldly racecourses at terrifying speeds, is entertaining enough that it might drive away memories of the disappointing movie that spawned it.

REALBasic 2.0 Standard Edition
While you can create relatively simple applications using REALbasic, any attempt to create advanced ones will most likely end in failure.


Tuesday, March 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

And I quote: The largest animal rights group in the world is releasing the results of research showing that beer is actually better for you than milk.


X-Box — Threat Or Promise?
by MacCentral
Microsoft's dominance in the PC industry and its track record of establishing itself as a major player in new markets may give some pause, but its place as a dominant force in console gaming is far from assured.

IBM Unveils New PC Line
by CNNfn
IBM unveiled a new line of personal computers and Internet appliances that are designed to be small, sleek looking, and provide easy access to the Internet.

Windows ME: A Pain For Users
by InfoWorld
Microsoft has quietly eliminated LAN features from its forthcoming Windows ME client operating system, which may effectively force enterprise users into migrating to Windows 2000.

Microsoft's New OS May Be Riddled With Bugs
All is not going smoothly in the testing process for Windows Me, according to some accounts... Some critics among the beta testing group have charged that Microsoft has rushed the testing process along and is less responsive to bug reports fromt esters than it has been in the past.

Intel Wins Antitrust Ruling
by Bloomberg
The U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Ala., said Intel didn't violate antitrust laws when it withheld information from Intergraph, a Huntsville, Ala.-based company that makes graphics chips and workstations.

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