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Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Laptop Users May Experience Data Glitch
Some Apple Computer customers who recently bought iBook or PowerBook notebook computers may have trouble rousing their computers from sleep mode because of a nasty problem with data corruption.

No IBM G4 Restrictions, Motorola Says
Motorola has placed no restrictions on IBM that will prevent it from manufacturing and selling the MPC7400, at any clock speed, to Apple.


HP Discusses Their Re-entry Into The Mac Scanner Market
One feature many user find interesting is the exceptionally sharp scans of 3-D objects. Users can now expand the realm of items they scan to include objects like flowers, artwork, and other non-traditional materials and expect exceptional results.

American Design: 'Good Stuff Is Happening'
by CNN
What the iMac did, in some ways, is say to people, 'Even something that you didn't think was designed is designed, and... it is something you can appreciate. It also made other computer companies say, 'Hey, maybe design is importnat.'"

Copycats Contest IMac's Story
by Wired News
PC manufacturers say the truth is a horse of a different color from the iMac inventor's version of a court injunction. The companies will sell all-in-one PCs, but they won't be translucent.

RealNetworks Licenses Microsoft's Windows Media Technology
Streaming media leader RealNetworks has licensed technology from Microsoft, its primary competitor, signaling the end to a heated battle over Web audio standards.

Apple Predicts Mac-Cell Phone Link
Company representatives say the first fruits of collaboration with Nokia will appear in April. The company may also bring iBook design elements to the PowerBook.

Developers Prep InDesign Plug-ins
Adobe has made a big selling point of InDesign's extensible architecture, which theoretically makes it easier to customize the program or add new features.

Quark Users Not Sold On InDesign 1.5
Publishing pros who once welcomed Adobe Systems' InDesign software now say that problems with the initial release have ocnvinced them to stick with QuarkXPress.

Future Power To Apple: We Hav eTo Party For Our Right To Fight
by The Mac Observer
Future Power is in essence saying that they have the right to rip off the iMac because the public deserves it... That is complete and unadulterated BS!


Hot For FireWire
by ZDNet
Among the evolutionary advances in Apple Computer Inc.'s latest crop of PowerBook G3 notebooks, none is more important than the new systems' paired FIreWire ports.

Gil Amelio's Sour Grapes?
Had [Gil] not tried to make his role more than it was, I would have appreciated his accomplishments rather than remembering his mistakes.

On Our Own Terms
by The Keeper Of The iBook
Using the iBook and all of these great technologies is more than just the sum of the individual parts. It is truly an experience.

AppleWorks 6: A Step Backward?
by The Mac Junkie
Want an "Internet strategy," Apple? Start by talking to your customers, on the web.

DOes Apple Offer Too Many Different Products?
by The Mac Observer
Sure, Apple expanded its product line, but this time, it is not confusing. If you are a power user or just an ordinary consumer, you know which Mac is right for you.


Wednesday, March 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The upcoming PowerBook is round. Yes, it really does look like a giant iMac mouse. Someone really goes into a lot of effort to fake the photographs, eh?


Battle Over The Look And Feel Of Linux
by Forbes
Linux could finally have the ammunition it needs to challenge Microsoft's stranglehold on the PC market.

Microsoft Sells Million Copies Of Windows 2000
by Reuters
Microsoft said today it had sold more than 1 million copies of Windows 2000, the software giant's new operating system for businesses that it has called a "bet-the-company" product.

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