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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Top Stories

Highland Students Take Advantage Of A New Form Of Computer Technologies
by Post-Tribune Publishing
The town's elementary teachers will be able to send their students as far as the school playground or as near as a beanbag chair in a corner of the classroom to use the Internet, edit videos or sharpen math and language skills... Merkley Principal Mary Lee Carr said the wireless laptops will free her students from the constraints of the stationary computer lab.

More Apple Distributors Due To Increased Product Volume
by MacCentral
The story, according to [current distributor] Pinacor President Don Lyons, is that a third distributor has been added because Apple's volume has more than doubled, "closer to tripled."


'Crime Boy's' Go On A Hack Spree
by Federal Computer Week
The main [Army] site was switched to [Macintosh WebStar] server that was practically un-hackable.

Platypus Hatches New Drives
by Australian Macworld
An Australian starup has dedicated itself to turning solid-state storage into a mass-market product.

Computing World Anticipates Mac OS X
by Fox News
WIth a stylish new look and significant upgrades, Macintosh's new operating system is generating as much excitement for its release this summer as the iMac did in 1998.

Amiga Back From The Dead Again
by Wired News
For the umpteenth time in its nearly two-decade long history, the beloved Amiga computer will once again be resurrected.

Corel Reports Weak Esults As Sales Stall
by Reuters
Corel reported a first-quarter loss of 19 cents a share today, reflecting a traditionally weak quarter coupled with a lack of new products.


Pismo Blues
by Go2Mac
You cannot use [Pismo] to gauge what colours will [look like] when printed or going out to video, etc. For designers of visual media it's a big problem.

Four Ways To Ruin An App
by The Mac Junkie
Save the appreciation of creativity for items which add functionality rather than interface and let Apple lead the way in look-and-feel.

X-Box Threatens Sony, Nintendo, Sega And Apple
by The Mac Junkie
Apple's competitive advantage would have been their control over hardware and software. Now MS has that advantage along with the huge amount of software support for Windows and the much larger sales volumes that they will be able to generate.

AppleWorks 6
by Washington Post
AppleWorks 6 does a lot of things but fails to do any of them particularly well.


iMac Sites Reviewed
by Low End Mac
Each of these sites does something differnt. Each has a unique forcus that sets it apart.

InDesign 1.5
by MacUser
The benefits of InDesign are clear: it's a very powerful DTP environment which has a lot to offer to both creative professionals and hard-nosed production editors.

RealPlayer 7
by MacInTouch
If you want access to the full range of streaming multimedia content on the Web, you need a version of RealPlayer 7. The player offers a functional user interface, doesn't hog your Mac's processor and is easy to use.


Tuesday, March 21, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

As reported by The Dallas Morning News, Apple was one the best companies for home desktop tech support, together with Dell and IBM, as rated by PC Magazine.

Sean C. Cunningham : After having used both Windows and Windows NT for the last five years, the Mac is such a pleasant experience.

You want to show off your movie creation to the world? Check out the first ever iMovie Film Festival! For more details, visit Macs Only!.

John : Every time I try to give Windows a chance — maybe it's not that bad — I get smacked down.


Survive The Linux Stampede
by Sm@rt Reseller
If you're thinking Linux, remember this: Profits will come from service and support. Period.

Linux Vs. Linux
by Inter@ctive Week
Linux is on the verge of splintering into different, incompatible versions. Can Linux cerator Linus Torvalds hold it all together?

Compaq Announces Notebook PC Below $1,200
by InfoWorld
Compaq Computer announced Monday a notebook computer priced at $1,099.

Intel Releases Latest Chips Amid Shortages
[Intel] announced 850-MHz and 866-MHz Pentium III processors, priced, respectively, at $65 and $776 in lots of one thousand.

Research Firm Says Compaq Back On Track
Bloodied and battered Compaq Computer got some good news today: a strong endorsement from market researcher Gartner Group.

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