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Tuesday, March 28, 2000


Happy Ending For Stephen King Novel
Adobe Systems has saved the day for Mac horror readers by providing a Mac-readable version of "Riding the Bullet," a popular Stephen King novella available only in electronic form. The e-book is available now on

Apple Shuts Down Mac Card Site For Trademark Violation
by MacNN
Mac Cards, an alternative online greeting card to Apple's iCards Web site, has been forced to close down after Apple accused it of violating Apple trademarks, the site's owner announced Tuesday.

AvantGo Posts Mac Software
AvantGo 3.3 for the Macintosh lets users view information from a variety of Web sites on Palm devices. You can access the data directly through wireless Palm connections or download it through your Mac.


Tuesday, March 28, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Please send me e-mail if you encounter any problems reading AppleSurf with Mac IE 5. I wouldn't able to test out the new browser until some time next week. Thanks.

Ellen Hancock: IBM help me put together my business background and Apple taught me to make decision without enough data.

Dan Gillmor: The government has a history of being snookered by Microsoft. The 1995 Consent Decree was a sick joke on consumers. It ceded Microsoft's ill-gotten monopoly and begged the company not to abuse it — and we all know what happened then.

Firda Beka: I had a dream that I ride on a rollercoaster to heaven last night. Does that mean that I'm dying? I had been dreaming more and more about my work. That gotta be something bad, doesn't it?


AMD Aims At Intel With 'Spitfire'
by ZDNet
The rivals are at it again — this time battling over which chip will control lower-cost PCs.

Microsoft's Latest Offer
by ZDNet
Microsoft's offer to settle federal antitrust charges frees computer makers to embed competitors' software into Microsoft Windows, one of several major concessions that could form a basis for resolving the case.

Microsoft Media Player Goes For Mainstream Audience
Microsoft today released a preview version of its newest Windows Media Player in its latest push to unseat RealNetworks as the dominant provider of online multimedia technology.

Talks Go On As Microsoft Proposal Is Scrutinized
A postponement of the verdict in the Microsoft antitrust trial seems inevitable, as government lawyers continue to contemplate the effects of a proposed settlement from Microsoft.

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