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Monday, April 10, 2000

Top Stories

Internet Looms Over Windows
by The Fayetteville Observer
For those of us who didn't use Windows, Microsoft was trying to take over the world with software that wasn't all that great, and wasn't even their idea in the first place.


Not The Last Picture Show
This one features Long-Load Special: JPEGs You Won't See in the Brochures! Hit the link and get a drink, they'll be up when you get back. (The real New Mexico)


Macromedia Flash 4 FreeHand 9 Studio
by The Mac Junkie
On a scale of one to ten, I'd say Flash 4 FreeHand 9 Studio is about a 7. It works pretty well, but doesn't live up to it's potential.


Monday, April 10, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

John Sculley: "I think what Steve Jobs has done with Apple is one of the great business success stories of all time. From my perspective, I see Steve picking up exactly where he left off... Only this time, he's a far more experienced, savvy executive."

Low End Mac celebrates its third anniversary! Congrats, Dan. The site just keeps getting better as it ages.

How old is AppleSurf, you might ask. (Or maybe not. You can skip the rest of this paragraph then.) My rendezvous with the Web began in 1st Jan, 1996 with An Apple A Day. AppleSurf, the news-links section, began sometime in the middle of the year. For more information, check out my about page.


Microsoft Got Nailed: So What?
by Inter@ctive Week
If the antitrust saga surrounding Microsoft were turned into a movie, it would be a B-flick called something like "Digital Trustbusters" or "Boies Don't Cry."

Report: Government May Cut Microsoft's Browser Rights
by Reuters
Microsoft may be stripped of the rights to its Internet Explorer Web browser as part of the remedy in the government antitrust case it lost earlier this month, according to reports.

PCWeek To Be eWeek Reflecting Editorial Shift
by PC Week
Starting with the May 8 issue, PC Week will change its name to eWeek, marking the final step in a years-long process in which the publication has built its editorial structure, circulation and sales strategy around the trend by companies to transform themselves into e-businesses.

Microsoft To Introduce Windows Media 7
Microsoft tomorrow will show off new Windows Media technology in hopes of edging past competitor RealNetworks in the battle for Internet audio and video software dominance.

Should Microsoft's Fate Be In Private Hands?
by New York Times
A respected economist suggests that the government could just walk away from its antitrust suit against Microsoft and leave remedies to private litigation.

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