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Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Top Stories

U.S., States Favor Plan To Split Up Microsoft
by Washiongton Post
The Justice Department and 19 states are leaning toward asking a court to split Microsoft Corp. into two or three separate companies in a plan designed to end the software giant's monopoly in the U.S. computer industry, people familiar with the discussions said over the weekend.

In His Own Image
by The Industry Standard
The person who has done the best job promoting Internet goods and services: Steve Jobs.


Corel Responds To Bankruptcy Story
by MacCentral
Susan Gauthier, Director or Public Relations for Corel Corp. said that although "the facts of the [Ottawa Citizen] story are correct, the gist of the story isn't." The facts according to Gauthier are that "as required, Corel filed their SEC 10-Q report — that report, by it's very nature, is conservative and cautionary in the extreme."


The Mac Enterprise? Who Cares?
by Creative Mac
A network should be transparent, and we should be happy Apple remains focused on the workstation and continues to deliver the best creative tool on the market.


Tuesday, April 25, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A question for you: if Microsoft do get broken up into two or more companies, should Apple go buy up one of the company?

Okay, so this did not happen in the plane itself... Still, it is scary.

Dave Winer on the rumored breakup of Microsoft: Putting the browser in the network services company is like leaving the fox in the hen-house.


Microsoft Breakup Is Hot Issue
by San Jose Mercury News
Western civilization is in jeopardy. And it's all my fault. Not just mine, actually — the U.S. Justice Department and a bunch of state governments are also to blame. We're all just carrying water, you see, for a bunch of anti-capitalist losers that can't stand to see anyone else succeed. That was the tone of some of the e-mail I received in the wake of my Sunday column suggesting that the government lawyers, having prevailed in the Microsoft antitrust trial, now seek an appropriate remedy for corporate misbehavior.

Microsoft Puts On Good Face For Hardware Faithful
Microsoft is refusing to abandon future plans for the computing industry, notwithstanding its antitrust troubles.

Microsoft Dives On Downgrades, Breakup Reports
Shares of Microsoft plummeted today, as investors digested the gloomy outlook for the software giant on several fronts.

Microsoft Ships New Test Version Of Database Software
Microsoft today will ship a second test version of its next-generation database software, a crucial piece in the company's e-commerce software strategy.

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