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Sunday, April 30, 2000

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Microsoft's Competition Is Looking Attractive
by New York Times
Microsoft's biggest problem is not the court case," Lawrence J. Ellison, chief executive of the Oracle Corp., said at a meeting with securities analysts earlier this month. "Their biggest problem is Windows 2000."

PC Users Express Concern That Split May Hurt Them
by New York Times
While lawyers and regulators in Washington ponder the fate of the Microsoft Corporation, Troy Anthony stands in a computer store here, struggling with the conflict the case inspires in ordinary consumers. He says he feels strongly that Microsoft should not be divided in a way that destroys the Windows standard he already knows how to use.

Tangled Path Led To The Government's Decision To Seek A Breakup Of Microsoft
by New York Times
When it all began two years ago, with the federal and state governments filing their landmark antitrust suit against Microsoft, Kevin O'Connor, an assistant attorney general in Wisconsin, was struck with a numbling fear: What would the plaintiffs do if they actually won the case against one of the richest and most powerful companies in America?


Armchair Surfing
My iBook now has a brand-new AirPort card... I'm laying back in a reclining chainr in my bedroom, with nothing but headphones plugged in.


Sunday, April 30, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Dan Gillmor: Microsoft's insistence that curbing its bad behavior would curb innovation is... nonsense. And Microsoft knows it.

Cameron Barrett : People evangelizing Macromedia Flash as an end-all solution for web site design need to be shot.


For Now, Microsoft Can't Save Itself
by New York Times
Now that the government has formally proposed a break up of Microsoft, some investors may expect its depressed shares to rebound, simply because the company's worst fate is clear. If the shares recover, though, they will have to do so with one of the biggest buyers of Microsoft shares stuck on the market's sidelines: Microsoft itself.

Microsoft's Best Rival: Its Product
by New York Times
The overriding policy goal of a remedy in the Microsoft antitrust case, the government has said repeatedly, is to make the world safe for future innovation. The door to fair competition must be left open, the government insisted, so that Microsoft cannot thwart its next head-on challenger with illegal tactics.

Microsoft's Latest PDA Try, PocketPC, Presents No Threat To Palm Empire
by San Jose Mercury News
Whether or not the Justice Department ultimately succeeds in breaking the company into bit-sized pieces, Bill Gates' creation is too weighed down by its own baggage to pose an ongoing threat to the future of technology.

Pocket PC Brings Multimedia Into The Crowded PDA Mix
by San Jose Mercury News
Shopping for a personal digital assistant can be confusing. They all do different things, it seems.

Microsoft's Defense Battle To Open On Wall Street
by Associated Press
Microsoft corp. has vowed to fight the federal government's plan to break up the company into two separate parts in the courts, but the first battlefield is likely to be on Wall Street when trading resumes Monday.

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