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Thursday, June 1, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Sales Jump In April; Growth Below Average
by MacNN
U.S. retail and catalog sales of Macintosh computers were up in April to 9.6 percent, but overall sales are off substantially from a year ago and sliding from the Christmas holiday buying season.

Are iMac Sales Softening?
Fortuna added that some consumers may be holding off on purchasing iMacs with the expectation that Apple will introduce a new iMac at Macworld Expo in New York.

iM2 - Incredible Milestones Of The iMac NewsPage
by iMac NewsPage
This page will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Undo Me!
by Salon
Why can't operating system designers build a better "undo" feature?

When Dull Work Piles Up Too High, Switch To The 'Fun' Tools For Creativity
by Union-Tribune
As an alternative to taking the rest of the day off, I usually move one of my more creative projects to the top of the pile, and attempt to put some fun back into my work.

Apple Earnings To Be Off As iMac Sales Slump
by MacNN
Sales of iMacs have been slipping in the past few months and are expected to continue to fall as stock market analysts are starting to re-think just how good a third quarter and remaining year Apple will have.


Analysts Say iMac Sales Expected To Cool This Summer
Strong sales of the iMac, which propelled Apple Computer back to profitability and respectability, are expected to cool slightly this summer.

Adobe Discusses Fate Of PageMill
by MacCentral
Adobe may have ended PageMill development but the company hopes to make PageMill fans an upgrade offer they can't refuse.

Wanna Be A Mac Mp3jay?
by Apple
Ever wonder what goes into remixing? Thought about getting your own turntable, but feared your coordination might fail your creativity?

Jukebox On The Mac
MusicMatch... told MacWEEK that it's inviting Mac music fans to use the program "and to provide us with a list of features that they want in the final product."


X'ed Out
by Macworld
One Mac user is already weary of an OS she hasn't even used.

Putting Back The Share In Shareware
by Insanely Great Mac
Over the years we haven't given shareware the status or importance we should have. We've downloaded lots of PD and shareware. We've installed it. We've checked it out. And we haven't paid for many products that we decide to use.

Mr Jobs, You Saved Apple... And We Saved The Mac Users
by The Mac Observer
I don't claim to understand nor agree with everything that Apple has done under your watch, but I can't disagree with the public perception towards things Macintosh nowadays.

What Makes A 'Pro' Graphics Card?
Can graphics cards aimed largely at gamers also fulfill the needs of 3-D graphics professionals, the people who make their living as architects, artists, game developers, visual-effects specialists and the like?


Alien Crossfire
by Macgamer's Ledge
It's an excellent way to continue the Alpha Centauri experience but at a price.

Where'd My Manual Go?
by MacTeens
If you want a printed source for your questions, give the Missing Manual line of books a look. Not only do the books go over the basics of applications, but they go deep into little known features.

Real And QuickTime
by big g media
All in all Apple has superior tech, and better versatility; they simply need t work on the player a bit, and optimize their codecs a bit.

What's The Best "Low End" PowerBook For Sub-Workhorse Use?
by MacOS Daily
Some people just want to send and receive email, casually surf the Web, and do a little word processing.

PowerBook Firmware 2.4
by Go2Mac
Update claims to add FireWire booting, but wait! Wasn't that supposed to be in FireWire 3.0? We're confused - and so are our PowerBooks.

MacGamer's Ledge
by iReview
MacGamerís Ledge leads with its strength ó a more or less continuous weekday flow of headlines aimed at keeping you on top of whatís happening and might be happening in the Mac gaming community.

AirPort: A Gamer's Primer
by Inside Mac Games
AirPort is perhaps the single most important network gaming technology to come along in years.

Optimize Your Mac's Performance And Stability
by The Mac Observer
Well, here are a few solutions and tips to get the most out of your machine and to keep it running for days without a single crash.

Stephen King's F13
by MacCentral
If you're not a killer King fan and a hard-core completist it's unlikely you'll find much in F13 to get excited about.


Thursday, June 1, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

New Stuff

Doesn't this look familiar? That's because the brand new MacSlash uses the same code behind the scene as the popular SlashDot. Catch the news and join in the discussions.

Question: Given that the Mac doesn't use the "Slash" and the "Dot", shouldn't this be, well, MacColon? :-)

Also new:, with your usual news, reviews, and columns.


Intel Plan: New Chip Sets, Faster PCs
by ZDNet
They're not the glamor products of the semiconductor business, but Intel's new chip sets promise a performance boost for consumers.

Reno Defends MS Purchases
by Reuters
Just because the Justice Department purchases thousands of Windows-based PCs doesn't mean it's being hypocritical in light of the antitrust case, the attorney general says.

HP Offers Jornada Buyers Refund On Screen Glitch
Hewlett-Packard will offer refunds to all Jornada customers, the company said today, confirming that even previous Jornadas show fewer colors than originally thought.

AMD's Thunderbird To Debut Monday
The Thunderbird is essentially an enhanced version of the Athlon, a line of processors that has been credited with turning the company's fortunes around. Its release is expected to spark a new round of competitive battles with Intel.

Judge Gives Government Another Chance To Revise Remedy
In a conference call with Jackson this morning, government lawyers requested an opportunity to respond to Microsoft's filing.

Microsoft Seeks Hearing, Expands List Of Witnesses
by Washington Post
Microsoft's last-ditch attempts to gun down the government-proposed breakup plan or to win the argument on the need for extended hearings on a remedy for Microsoft's antitrust violations is not expected to sway Jackson, who has said he was eager to send the case to appeals courts.

Linux Still A Force Despite Windows 2000
by TechWeb
Linux, which saw a boost in customers last year as Microsoft kept delaying the Windows 2000 launch, seems to be holding its own four months after the Microsoft operating system shipped.

Palm Developers Unite Against Microsoft
by Wall Street Journal
How does a small company fight a juggernaut? Tens of thousands of loyalists are fighting to keep Palm handhelds ahead of Microsoft's Pocket PC.

Microsoft Group Sees New Gains As Internet, Software Split Looms
by Wall Street Journal
If Microsoft Corp. is split into two separate companies, the work being carried out in a cluster of buildings known as Red West will suddenly be thrust into the spotlight.

Message To Microsoft: Just Do It
by E-Commerce Times
Drop the appeal. Swallow hard and agree to work out a suitable plan for breaking up the empire.

Sony Plans Desktop PC Push
Sony Electronics plans to expand its presence in the desktop computer market with a $999 line of entertainment PCs due for release in June.

Microsoft Files Last Word In Landmark Trial
Microsoft again slammed the government's proposal to break up the company today, a last-minute move before the final ruling in the celebrated case.

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