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Friday, June 2, 2000

Top Stories

Adobe Ships Illustrator 9.0
The upgrade adds object transparency, graphic styles and a host of features for Web designers, including a live Pixel Preview mode that lets you see how pages look when rendered on screen.


You Are Not Immune! A Cautionary Tale Of A Mac Virus
by MacSpeedZone
A virus infection was something I hadn't seriously considered on a brand new computer, and so hadn't bothered to get any virus detection software.

Rad Brings New Game APIs To Mac
"I'm positive you will see more games ported to the Mac now that our tools are available," said Rad programmer Jeff Roberts.


Reactions To The Mac OS X Delay
by MacOS Daily
Some developers said The original schedule was causing some concern amongst developers about providing well tuned drivers peripherals. The new schedule allows them to resolve those issues.

Microsoft Math: Long Division?
by Washington Post
What Microsoft really needs is more and better competition from the Linux folks, Apple and others.


USB Web Cameras
by Macworld
Video and still images on the cheap.

FTP Client Pro 3.0
by Macworld
FTP Client Pro 3.02's slick interface and handy new features make it a must-have utility for anyone moving files over the Internet.

VST Full Height FireWire Hard Drives - Sexy & Solid!
by The Mac Observer
They work well, and we found them to be very solid and dependable.

The Quest For A Microsoft-free Desktop
by MacOS Daily
If you're stuck in the MS Office ghetto, I would encourage you to at least check out some of the alternatives.

Idea Keeper 2.0.8
If a more structured and systematic approach to data management appeals to you, I encourage you to check out Idea Keeper.

Keyspan USB Self-Powered/Bus-powered Hub
Aside from the obvious application of providing more USB ports, I found that by placing the hub in front of my monitor provided easy access to the port for easily plugging devices in and out.

Alien Crossfire
In a game that's already infinitely replayable, you get new angles to play. The factions may seem a little hokey, but take a deeper look, and you'll see some interesting texture beneath the aggressively youthful faces.


Friday, June 2, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

We Are Juvenile!

louismg: We have seen a proliferation of amateur, consumer-oriented hacks who in raising the flag of Mac-centrism, have established Web sites with little originality, a general lack of focus, clear juvenilism.

WesGeorge: Come down off your high horse and give the kids a break. You might even learn a thing or two. After all, we are not idiots.

We Are The World

Dan Gillmor: [Microsoft's] final brief in the landmark antitrust trial was more the same bluster and refusal to acknowledge any reality but its own we-are-the-universe point of view.

We Listen. We Do!

Salon to readers: You win!

Catch the new, new redesign.

Summer Reruns

One of my favorite game company, Ambrosia Software, is giving away CDs!

Okay, so you are not getting free games. Rather, you are given free samples to try them on your Mac. If you like them, you will have to pay the shareware fees.

Remember, shareware is not free.


Intel Chip Will Be Bigger, More Expensive To Make
Intel's upcoming Willamette processor eventually will reach speeds beyond 2 GHz, but the size of the chip is raising questions about how much it will cost to make.

Microsoft Says It's Staying In Redmond
Microsoft and Canadian officials today poured cold water on reports authorities in British Columbia were trying to lure the software behemoth north amid its antitrust battle with the U.S. government.

Microsoft Office Rocked By Blast
by Reuters
An explosion rocked the South African office of U.S. software giant Microsoft on Friday, shattering windows but causing no injuries, a company spokeswoman said.

Microsoft Vs DOJ: It's All In The APIs
by ZDNet
As both sides in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust trial rush to paint their perspective of the software giant's future... their filings are spotlighting a geeky nugget of technology that for years has spelled dominance for Microsoft: the API.

Canada Urging Microsoft To Move North
by Bloomberg
Canada is encouraging software giant Microsoft to relocate its operations to British Columbia, according to reports.

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