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Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Top Stories

IDC Reports That Apple #1 Vendor In US Education
by The Mac Observer
IDC's first quarter Worldwide Education Market Report claims Apple holds 26 percent of the US education market and 14 percent of the worldwide education market.

If I Were Bill Gates...
by AppleSurf
I'll change the world, and, dammit, I have the money to do it.

Working Wireless
by Associated Press
Mouting a camera and PowerBook above the basket at a Los ANgeles Lakers playoff, Mark J. Terrill of the Associated Press tells Sports Shooter readers how AirPort sent hoop-view photos right through a line of Laker Girls.

AirPort Delivers Developer Mail, Plus The Internet
by Apple
[C]an AirPort scale to serve more than a classroom of students? The answer is an absolute yes, as was demonstrated recently at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, CA.

From The Horses Mouth, Sears Rep Says iMac Sales Are "... Definitely Down"
by The Mac Observer
It seems that iMac sales are indeed down, and both [Sear's] company and store representatives have been rather tight-lipped about the entire topic.


Apple Delivers Final Cut Pro
by Apple Press Release
Apple today announced the immediate availability of Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, the latest version of its award-winning professional desktop video editing, effects and compositing software. Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 is available as a free download from the Apple web site for existing Final Cut Pro customers.

IDC Confirms Apple Is Number One In U.S. & Worldwide Education Markets
by Apple Press Release
Leading market research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) today announced that Apple continues to be number one in sales to the U.S. and worldwide education markets. IDC’s Q1CY’00 Worldwide Education Market Report shows Apple captured 26 percent of the U.S. education market and 14 percent of the worldwide education market.

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro Update
by MacCentral
Apple announced the availability of Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 late this afternoon.

New Gnutella Client For Mac
CXC, a new company "committed to the advancement and support of the Gnutella environment," has released an early alpha version of Mactella, an open-source Gnutella client for Macintosh.

Jobs: Apple To Deliver The Best Java
Apple CEO Steve Jobs helped Sun Microsystems kick off the fifth annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco on Tuesday by committing to make the Mac "the best delivery vehicle for Java on the planet."

Panorama Developer Under Siege
When Apple's QuickTime VR technology gains cubic panorama features this summer, it will be stepping into territory largely held by Internet Pictures, a company whose metered software pricing, controversial patent claims and aggressive legal tactics have drawn heated protest from QTVR users and developers.

Analyst Watch: Look Out For Adobe
by Inter@ctive Investor
A year ago, Adobe Systems was trading at a 52-week low and hacking its workforce. Now its stock is nearing an all-time high, with more good things to come.

Apple's Clock Speed Headaches
by MacCentral
Gene Miller of Apple's Creative Markets division said that, on a couple of things, the PC's are finally faster.

AltaVista Offers Free Net Access
Mac users in North America can now take advantage of Alta Vista's free dial-up service.

A Boost For Mac E-Books?
LightningSource, using Adobe's PDF Merchant software, will provide e-books in PDF format for the Mac.


Apple's Consumer Challenge
by ZDNet
Apple can't assume that last year's iMac customer will be next year's. Next month's Macworld Expo/New York is a great opportunity for Apple to inject new life into a line that — while healthy — needs regular boosters to maintain its consumer cachet.

The Mac Walks On Such A Tight Rope To Prosper!
by The Mac Observer
More than 20 years after its founding and 16 years after giving birth to the Macintosh, Apple and its main character, namely Steve Jobs, are still fighting for the same things: support, sales and credibility.

A Love Of Simple Elegance
by Low End Mac
Luddite discovers Macintosh, becomes hopelessly addicted.

It's The Consumers, Stupid
by osOpinion
[Apple has] let the iMac line stagnate to the point of becoming yesterday's news.


Free Internet Access From
by The Macjunkie
[T]his is a dependable, easy to use free internet access provider. Its client is smooth and simple.

ATV Powersports
by Macgamer's Ledge
Mac gamers and Mac games have matured to the point that a game like this is going to disappoint some.

Platform Doesn't Matter: In Which Our Author Starts A Business, Talks To Accountants, Buys Virtual PC And Discovers His Mac Is A Pretty Good Pentium
by MacOS Daily
So, Mr. Small Business Owner: no longer do you need separate computers taking up valuable space (especially for those with home offices).

iMac DV Scan Converters
by MacNN
Perhaps the only merit of the iAVerKey DV is its price, but while the iTView DV does command a $40 premium, it's a premium that's more than sufficiently justified by its superior performance.

Does Apple Need A Six-slot Mac?
Apple says most DV and audio pros can get by with three PCI slots, but some users disagree.

Sometimes They Get It Right
by Holy Mac!
[F]or every screwed-up piece of bloatware from Microsoft. there is a fine and well-designed redeemer on the shelf right next to it.

Cinema 4D XL 6.0
by Macworld
Interface problems notwithstanding, CInema 4D XL 6.0 is a good coice for animators working in broadcast or Web media.

iMate: Use Your Existing ADB Peripherals With USB Macs
by The Mac Observer
[F]or thoese who have ADB peripherals which require a driver to function... you should first check the iMate Home Page for info on possible conflicts.


Tuesday, June 6, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

If I Were Bill Gates...

I'll realize I am no visionary, and stop predicting what everyone will be doing with the Internet one year from now. Especially since I don't predict anything that hasn't been predicted before.

I'll realize I am a good business man, and will concentrate on being just that. Chief architect? Leave that for someone else.

I'll realize I am a good business man, and make good use of the opportunatity to spin off my application division.

I'll realize operating system and applications are so old-economy. Play with something new. Maintaining Microsoft's monopoly is no longer a challenge.

I'll change the world, and, dammit, I have the money to do it.

I'll realize that I am no writer (just like that guy who runs MyAppleMenu web site) and will no longer write books.

Heng-Cheong Leong


Putting Windows 2000 To Work
by eWEEK
Managers who keep the goal of Windows 2000 deployment in sight, while perhaps allowing a little more flexibility than would otherwise be desired in hitting exact dates, might turn out to have the most success implementing the product.

Via Cranks Out New Cyrix III Chip
by eWEEK
Reworked version of the processor for low-cost PCs is based on a different technology — meanwhile, Via's courtroom tango with Intel goes on.

Microsoft CFO Sees Stronger Growth In Personal Computers
by Reuters
[Microsoft] sees personal computer sales growing 12 to 15 percent for its fiscal year beginning July, a brighter picture than the company painted when it reported its third quarter earnings in April.

Windows 2000 Server Apps Delayed
by TechWeb
The server applications Microsoft is counting on to boost Windows 2000 into the enterprise will not start trickling out until late summer, a company executive said Tuesday.

Ballmer: Microsoft Expects To Win Breakup Appeal
Software giant Microsoft expects to win an appeal against a U.S. court ruling that could force the breakup of the company, chief executive Steve Ballmer said today.

Chips Are Down Again For Intel
Without question, Intel's latest chip delay exacerbates the company's already bruised credibility in terms of delivering products on time.

Washington Rolls Out Red Carpet For Gates
by Reuters
As the pressure has grown on his company, Gates has put Washington on his agenda, wooing members of Congress with personal visits and campaign donations.

Microsoft Lashes Back At Government In Final Filing
Microsoft this afternoon unexpectedly responded to the government's harsh rebuttal brief filed yesterday.

Microsoft's Last Stand
by Inter@ctive Week
Microsoft, it appears, is insisting it have the legal right to cut the kind of backroom, wink-and-nod deal that defines anti-competitive behavior in the first place. This isn't acting like a monopolist?

Cheaper, Ligher Notebooks From IBM
by eWEEK
The ThinkPad i model starts at $1,199, with models weighing in at 6 pounds. But can they power a Big Blue resurgence in PCs?

Gates, High-Tech CEOs Seek Less Regulation
by TechWeb
High-tech CEOs are set for one of the industry's major annual Capitol Hill hearings Tuesday and Wednesday as the Joint Economic Committee hosts executives... to talk about the new economy.

IBM To Demo Transmeta-based Notebook At PC Expo
IBM said today it plans to show off a ThinkPad notebook based on a processor from upstart Transmeta at a trade show later this month.

New Compaq "Skinny" Servers Take Aim At Sun, IBM
Compaq today released its long-awaited "Photon" server, putting new pressure on IBM, SUN Microsystems, Network Engines and VA Linux Systems in the race to cram as many processors into the tinnest server possible.

DOJ Rejects Most Microsoft Ideas In Revised Plan
The government today gave up little ground to Microsoft in the continuing debate over a proposal on how to break up the software giant.

Microsoft Needs BizTalk To Stay In The Game
With the announcement of BizTalk Server 2000, Microsoft asserts that modeling and implementing complex business process flow is a core requirement for rich business-to-business integration.

Intel Delays Timna Release Over Component Glitch
Intel has delayed by several months the launch of its integrated processor, code-named Timna, because it needs to develop a new method to connect the integrated processor to standard memory.

Dissecting Microsoft's Rebuttal
by LinuxPlanet
It has never ceased to amaze me, the amount of misinformation that Microsoft has been willing to submit, either as evidence, or as P.R., rebuttal and this testimony is just as baffling.

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