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Thursday, June 8, 2000


Apple Maintains Edge In Education Markets
by TechWeb
Apple continues to lead the pack in sales to the U.S. and worldwide education markets.


The Microsoft Ruling: Breaking Windows Into Two?
by Macworld
Mac users will feel an impact; it's just not clear exactly how.


by Apple iReview
[V]isitors from any sociopolitical viewpoint can find something on Slate to raise their awareness — or blood pressure.

American Civil War Soldier
by MacAddict
Low production quality plauges this game.

Midnight Play
by MacAddict
Midnight Play will have kids bored to tears.


Thursday, June 8, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Are We Changing The World Yet?

John H. Farr: There is absolutely nothing that could happen to Apple Computer... that would in any way affect the ongoing evolutio of humankind.

Fortunately... Microsoft: Same deal.


Official Praise For Judge
by InfoWorld
Microsoft brought this upon itself.

Joel Klein Comments On Breakup Order
by Bloomberg
"This is the right remedy for Microsoft's repeated and serious violations of the antitrust laws."

Split Would End Up Hurting Consumers
by San Jose Mercury News
I'm hoping Microsoft gets humble, spares its customers the uncertainty of a drawn-out appeals process and accepts a settlement involving clear conduct remedies.

Long Trail Of Missed Opportunities Left Judge No Choice
by San Jose Mercury News
What a share it had to come to this.

They're Still Kicking In Redmond
by San Jose Mercury News
Sober-faced but defiant, Bill Gates and company vow to keep on fighting.

Competitors Look For An Opening And Legal Lessons
by San Jose Mercury News
It's not the size of your monopoly that counts. It's how you use it.

Sides Clash Over Appeal
by San Jose Mercury News
[How the] appeal unfolds — and in what forum — already was a matter of debat by the time the ink dried on Jackson's final judgment.

Microsoft Owes Everything To Justice
by Salon
Would Bill Gates have come to power if the Justice Department's antitrust division hadn't attacked IBM?

Are Two Microsofts Better Than One?
by Salon
Microsoft's competitors argue that a breakup could get the bully off their backs.

Court To Microsoft: This Is For Real!
by Salon
Judge Jackson doesn't just order Microsoft broken up — he blasts the company for not taking his guilty verdict seriously.

Microsoft Sweet-talks Programmers
by The Industry Standard
And if that doesn't work, how about $2 billion in assistance?

Users Split On Effects Of A Microsoft Breakup
by Computerworld
Some corporate users interviewed today... were split on whether the breakup will be good or bad for their companies.

Microsoft Ruling Holds No Surprises For Wall St
by Reuters
Wall Street took one look at Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's historic ruling to break up Microsoft and yawned.

Microsoft Case To Linger After 'Final' Ruling
by TechWeb
One thing remains certain about the marathon Microsoft antitrust case. It still ain't over.

Microsoft Breakup Sparks Web Chat Frenzy
by Reuters
Message boards and Internet chat rooms came alive on Wednesday afternoon after a U.S. federal judge said software giant Microsoft Corp. had "proved untrustworthy" and should be broken into two parts.

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