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Friday, June 9, 2000

Top Stories

Making Movies With iMovie
by O'Reilly
Apple produced a great piece of software.

AppleMasters: Michael Crichton
by Apple
The Mac's graphic interface was simple, but it had serious, deep thought behind it.

FAS Asked To Cover Computer Kiosks
by The Harvard Crimson
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Computer Services reluctantly covered and turned off the Science Center's iMac computer kiosks last week in response to a request from Intel, which sponsored an exhibit in the Science Center as part of the Internet and Health conference.


Trojan Horse Won't Run On Macs
A computer security firm has discovered a Trojan horse that could be used to launch denial-of-service attacks from thousands of PCs. However, the software, a Windows executable disguised as an AVI video clip, won't run on a Mac.

Apple Talks About ColorSync Part 2
by MacCentral
There can be a lot of confusion in the term "calibration," especially since when you talk about the monitor, you talk about calibrating the monitor. But, when you talk about printers, there's a difference between calibration and characterization.

Sun's StarOffice Headed For Mac
The company has not formally announced a Mac version of the free productivity software, but it is advertising for a Mac programmer and an FAQ says a Mac release is targeted for the end of the year

PowerLogix Offers iMac Upgrade
The iForce plugs a 400MHz or 500MHz G3 CPU into older iMacs, and you don't have to return the original board.

Will AirPort Become Grounded?
by Go2Mac
Analysts expect the 2.4GHz band to become a "junk band".

Apple Axes 6 Percent Of Service Providers
by MacNN
In a move related to this morningís report on Express Depot service for PowerBooks, Apple earlier this week cut 6 percent of the companyís Authorized Service Providers. These providers failed to meet their quota of $100,000 per quarter.

MacCPU Ceases Operations
by MacNN
MacCPU has closed their doors voluntarily on June 7, 2000. We will no longer sell CPU upgrades from any manufacturer and the website has been removed.

Quake 3 For OS X Delayed; Developers Await OS X Update
by MacCentral
"Unfortunately, [OS X Developer Preview 4] has a couple of issues which hit Q3 hard, so we don't expect to release Q3 until Apple provides a Mac OS X update that addresses these problems."

Apple: Java, Mac OS X Integration A 'Big Win'
by MacCentral
"This announcement has made a lot of people very happy. This is a big win for us and for our customers."

'Think Different' Wins Ad Awards
by MacCentral
The campaign was judged by senior industry peers to be 1999's most effective advertising campaign.

Apple Number One Again
by The Mac Observer
Apple Computer has again taken the toop spot in the PC Data Top 10 rankings [of web site].

Corel Lays Off 320 Employees Amid Financial Woes
Struggling Canadian software maker Corel today cut 320 jobs, or 21 percent of its workforce, as part of a $40 million cost-cutting measure.

Q&A On Mac OS X
Apple does not intend to keep the Control Strip in Mac OS X.... [It] conflicts with the Dock for space and would clutter up the desktop.


Can't Get Good Help These Days
Distinctions are blurring between Web and print design tools, but MacWEEK contributor Andrew Shalat finds that many recent art school grads lack the skills to use both.

Megahertz And Mega-Hurts
We've been hearing about Intel 'zooming' ahead in horsepower and so now, the defense is to discredit MHz as a measure of power. I'd like to talk about why that's true and not so true.

The Elusive State Of Continuous Success
by MacOS Daily
The only thing we as humans can do to offset the random events of failure and success is to always apply an honorable effort.

Is Aqua All Wet?
by MacOS Daily
Aqua, has inaugurated a new pastime for online writers and posters in the Macintosh world...


by Apple iReview
VersionTracker is becoming a nearly indispensable tool for Mac users. But what’s missing on this site, which is clearly oriented to the professional or high-end user, is a simple tutorial to make the less technically minded feel welcome.

Macromedia Gets Dynamic
The $599 program adds database connectivity to the popular Dreamweaver Web-authoring tool, and lets designers and programmers create visually rich, fully interactive, dynamic, cross-platform Web sites.

Let This Powerful Tool Cast Its Spell On You
by BusinessWeek
Casady & Greene's Spell Catcher for the Mac does much of its work without being asked.
by Apple iReview
RestaurantRow is perhaps most useful for traveling professionals in need of a quick listing of area restaurants.

Don't Lose Your Patients
by Apple
Emergency Room: Life or Death is a perfect game for anyone curious about what goes on behind the doors of the emergency room.

Flat Panels: The Next Generation
by Macworld
Macworld Lab evaluates 6 new displays to see whether digital makes a difference.

The Suitabiility Of G3 Upgrades For Gaming
by Low End Mac
Everybody knows that a faster computer will play games better than a slower one, but the real question is whether or not the available upgrades are suited to gaming.


Friday, June 9, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

What The World Thinks

Brian Kendig: It would cost most businesses far too much time and money to switch to Macintosh or Linux operating systems. And so as long as Windows never becomes quite terrible enough to actively drive people away, it's practically guaranteed to keep its dominance.

Mike Langberg: Nobody is saying Microsoft acquired its Windows monopoly illegally. The company worked hard and made smart business decisions while its competitors — most notably Silicon valley's own Apple Computer with its Macintosh OS and IBM with its OS/2 — made dumb decision.

MSNBC: If the plan goes through as is it definitely will be big for at least two companies - Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems.

We Are Not The World

Intel: Hide your iMacs or we won't give you money! Okay, that was paraphased... I wonder if the covers will have little holes exposing the USB ports.

Wes George: Nothing less than the future of civilization may hang on Microsoft's appeal of their conviction. Not on my planet!


Gates Hands Out Scholarships To Minorities
by USA Today
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates put aside his antitrust woes briefly Thursday to hear college students express their gratitude for 4,000 minority scholarships awarded this year by his charitable foundation.

Next Windows More Integrated Than Ever
by ZDNet
As the legal battle over Microsoft Corp.'s right to integrate technologies into its programs and operating systems drags on, the company is forging full steam ahead with the next very tightly integrated version of Windows.

DOJ Vs MS: A Case Of Many Colors
by Inter@ctive Week
After two years of trial, thousands of pages of depositions, hundreds of hours in the courtroom and millions of pages of media coverage, Microsoft's sins are mostly in the eye of the beholder.

Microsoft May Have Trouble Retaining Software Engineers
by Computerworld
Labor experts are predicting that turmoil from the high-profile antitrust case may give competitors an opening to steal Microsoft Corp.'s top-notch software engineers and other employees.

How Far Will Microsoft Decision Reach?
by InfoWorld
With IT taking on more economic and political clout, some observers expect that other industry heavyweights will have the government looking over their shoulders.

Security Experts Discount Threat Of Bug Posing As Video Clip
Government and private cyber security experts said today a rogue program masquerading as a sexually explicit video posed scant threat to security on the Internet.

Microsoft's Ballmer Welcomes More Settlement Talks
by Reuters
Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer today welcomed an offer from the U.S. Justice Department for more talks aimed at settling their antitrust dispute.

Experts Praise Judge's Antitrust Rulings As Gounded In Principle Of Fair Competition
by New York Times
[T]he actions of the judge, Thomas Penfield Jackson, had made it more difficult for Microsoft to suggest that the computer industry ought to be given more leeway than traditional businesses under antitrust law.

Retracing The Missteps In Microsoft's Defense At Its Antitrust Trial
by New York Times
Dozens of state and federal officials who have investigated and prosecuted Microsoft for the last four years, as well as industry executives, have seen many moves by Microsoft that they think backfired and led to a resounding court defeat in the company's antitrust case. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, right, ordered a breakup of the company on Wednesday.

Microsoft Readies Ad Blitz
by Associated Press
Microsoft, having lost a major round in its antitrust case, is appealing to the court of public opinion.

Will A Microsoft Appeal Go Straight To The Supremes?
by Salon
Judge Jackson's attempt to expedite a final resolution to the antitrust trial could backfire.

Microsoft Verdict: Microsoft Ruling Raises Fears Of Unhealthy Precedent
European companies and IT organisations claim the Judge was stepping beyond the boundaries of his remit when he decided to dismantle the software giant.

Microsoft Breakup To Have Little Impact On Asia
by Associated Press
The ruling by a U.S. federal judge to break up Microsoft Corp. generated big interest but little concern in Asia.

Microsoft's Fate In Developers' Hands
by eWEEK
The appeal that matters most at this point is not in the courts, but in the hearts and minds of software developers.

Judge Jackson Goofed
by ZDNet
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's biggest mistake: He bought into the government's argument that Microsoft Office is the platform most likely to rival Microsoft Windows.

Ballmer: Get Ready For Higher Prices
by eWEEK
In the Netherlands one day after Judge Jackson's final judgment, Microsoft's CEO ripped the ruling, while elsewhere abroad, opinions ran high.

Klein: Microsoft Case Must Go To High Court Quickly
by Reuters
Justice Department antitrust chief Joel Klein said Thursday it is important that the Supreme Court agree quickly to hear any appeal in the Microsoft Corp. case so that key issues for the high-tech industry and the public can be resolved.

Ballmer Urges Employees: Focus On The Future
by Computer Reseller News
"I simply do not believe that a breakup will ever occur. The order to dismantle this company simply isn't justified by the court's findings of facts and conclusions of law, even if they were to be upheld by the appellate courts."

Redmond Rallies 'Round MS
by Wired News
Up in Washington, where Microsoft has its headquarters, people generally support the home team. And Judge Jackson, they say, went too far.

EU Moves Ahead With Microsoft Investigation
by Reuters
The European Commission said today it was too early to predict how a U.S. court ruling that Microsoft must be split in two might affect its own antitrust investigation into the software giant.

Gates Vocie Second Thoughts On Testimony Decision
by Reuters
Would a personal appearance by Bill Gates at the Microsoft antitrust trial have averted a judge's order to split the company in two?

Microsoft Stock Slips After Ruling
As Microsoft ponders its future following a federal judge's historic ruling to split the company in two, investors turned pessimistic about the shares in late trading.

Ruling To Split Microsoft Is Final, But The Outcome Is Not
The Microsoft case is far from over, as the appeals process (expedited or not) could take as long as one or two more years.

Forget Microsoft's Competitors, It's Planet Earth That Can No Longer Afford The Windows Monopoly
by The Mac Observer
Nothing less than the future of civilization may hang on Microsoft's appeal of their conviction.

Next U.S. President Unlikely To Touch Microsoft Case
If Microsoft is to succeed in having its antitrust judgment overturned, it must rely on the appeals court and not the court of politics.

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