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Sunday, June 18, 2000

Top Stories

A Mac Web Code Of Ethics: Foundations
by Applelust.Com
A code of ethics is a charter of conduct or character which specifies certain rules or virtues that the professional for whom it is written should adopt and exemplify.

Gift To Dad Comes With Gratitude From Tech-Savvy Son
by Seattle Times
A father's computer may, in the end, be just a tool. But a son's assistance goes well beyond technical support.


Waiting For Apple Season
As the annual trade show nears and excitement builds, a buying opportunity might appear. It's just not here quite yet.

Quark To Unbundle CopyDesk
The text-editing software, originally available in Quark Publishing System, will be offered as a stand-alone program.


Adobe: What Trade Secrets?
by ZDNet
Adobe Systems Inc. has broken one of the unwritten rules of the computer journalism game: Companies don't sue over coverage they don't like.


Is There A Better, "Faster" USB Mouse Than Apple's "Hockey Puck"?
by Bare Feats
If a mouse feels better and runs smoother, you'll work faster (and happier).


Sunday, June 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! The Good Old Days Are Back

Remember SCSI ID conflicts? Didn't we have fun trying to figure out whether we should use ID 7 or 8 for our brand new ZIP drive? Remember how we were so happy when USB and Firewire arrived?

Well, with Napster and Pike and other Internet applications gaining popularity, it's time for TCP Port conflicts!

Oh yeah.


MS Not Confident Of Final Victory After Al, Says SEC Filing
by The Register
So about that plan B again, Steve...

Compaq's Corporate PC Makeover
by ZDNet
For the first time in two years, Compaq is changing both its case designs and the guts of its corporate desktop PC line.

Why Windows Is Still The Big OS Wheel
by ZDNet
Legal wranglings aside, Microsoft is still powering PCs. Its prospects in the handheld and gadget space might be looking up too.

Why Bill Has Become Microsoft's Mr. Rogers
by Newsweek
Gates' new image campaign plays to mixed reviews.

A Good Time To Find Laptop Bargains
by San Jose Mercury News
Notebook computers have suddenly become much more affordable.

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