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Monday, June 19, 2000

Top Stories

Microsoft Buys Bungie To Boost X-Box Development
by Bloomberg
Microsoft said it acquired Bungie Software Products to bolster its development of games for personal computers and its planned X-Box video-game consoles.


Take Two Exec Comments On The Future Of Oni And Myth
by MacCentral
"I think the idea that Oni and Myth are in safe hands is very much applicable here."

Adobe Debuts InCopy For InDesign
The company is demonstrating its new text-editing application which incorporates the text-processing features of InDesign.

Microsoft Buys Games Developer Bungie
by Reuters
Bungie's development staff will play a key role in developing content for the X-Box platform.


Broken Out Of The Box
by Macinstein
What other product can you buy that isn't replaced immediately if it doesn't function out of the box?

Bungie's Soul: Sold To Micro$oft? Horror Of Horrors Is True
by The Macjunkie
Is it possible that such a huge Mac supporter as Bungie would sell their souls to the company so many people love to hate?


by Apple iReview
MacMusic, a site put together by francophone Mac enthusiasts, caters to serious audiophiles who are also dedicated Mac users.

SoftWindows 98 5.1
by MacAddict
SoftWindows is a good solution for running the occasional Windows program, as long as the app isn't too processor intensive.


Monday, June 19, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Microsoft Buys Bungie

Love it? Hate it? Can't tell the difference between Bungie and Bandai? Join in the discussion over at MacSlash, SlashDot, or MacNN.

Of Browsers

Wesley Felter: Browsers haven't added new navigation features since Mosaic.

From July 1995: Jakob Nielsen: Features for the Next Generation of Web Browsers.

Around the Weblogs: Some Rants And Some Scares

Brigitte Eaton: If you're going to devote a site to nasty commentary, you could at least do your reasearch.

Kelley Rose Oram: They should make Father's Day cards for mothers.

array: I get a great kick out of scaring friends to death.


Windows Millennium Goes Gold
by PC World
Microsoft has finished work on its updated version of Windows for the rest of us, but it won't hit shelves until September.

MS Prevails In Consumer Lawsuit
by Wired News
A Nevada judge throws out a class-action consumer lawsuit, giving the software company ammunition in a slew of similar suits.

New Virus Hits Networks, Could Overwhelm Servers
A computer virus that was dormant for nearly two weeks has awakened, hitting several corporate networks and sparking security experts this morning to upgrade warnings for the infection from "low" to "medium."

Appeals Court Refuses DOJ Requests In Microsoft Case
An appeals court today rejected a government request to cede jurisdiction over the Microsoft antitrust trial.

Intel Still Runs Rings Around Its Rivals
Like a durable heavyweight, chip giant Intel will withstand the latest jabs from AMD and kidney shots from Transmeta — at least in this round.

AMD Chip Aims To Beat Intel's Celeron
AMD's release of its low-end Duron processor should give the company a performance advantage in the budget PC space.

Intel Unveils New Low-Power Notebook Chips
Chip giant Intel today will unveil five new notebook processors, including two low-power chips designed to compete against Transmeta's Crusoe.

Compaq Launches New Products In Crowded Field
Compaq Computer rolled out five new products today, as the PC giant takes another stab at driving profits from commercial sales.

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