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Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Top Stories

Judge Sends Microsoft Case To Supreme Court
A federal judge this afternoon approved the Microsoft antitrust case for direct appeal to the Supreme Court but surprised observers by also indefinitely staying business restrictions against Microsoft.


Ozone Alert!
Printer manufacturers are only now beginning to deal with the issue of print longevity. But some of the factors that cause prints to fade may surprise you.

Proxim's Farallon Buy: 'A Good Fit'
by MacCentral
Proxim Inc. on Monday announced that it has acquire Farallon Communications Inc., a longtime networking developer for Macs and Intel-standard PCs.

The Classic Environment
Apple's next-generation operating system will run current Mac applications, but they won't take advantage of the modern OS features or Aqua interface.

Apple's Sales Rocket In UK
by Macworld UK
Apple's share of the UK consumer-desktop market grew by 63.7 per cent, well over the industry average in the first quarter of 2000.

Opera Premiere: First Peek At The New Browser
by Macuarium
Opera's strengths are speed, standard compliance, security, a small footprint and stability even in slow machine.


Aqua Sounds - Drag And Drip?
by The iMac NewsPage
Let's just hope though that when you empty the trash in Mac OS X, you won't have to listen to a toilet flushing.


Updated Internet Explorer For Mac Adds Firepower To The Browser War
by Knight Ridder News Service
Macintosh. IE 5 is not only better than the previous Mac version, it's better than the latest Windows version as well.


Tuesday, June 20, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Innovate Or Die! Aqua Plans Revealed!

When Steve Jobs said the goal was to "make you want to lick" the interface, he wasn't kidding.

Screaming Banana: An Interview with Alex and Jason.

Microsoft has a great record of releasing innovative, well-tested, bug-free software, and we are glad to know that all our future games will contain that level of quality.


Compaq Redesigns DeskPros, Armadas
by IDG News Service
Revamped desktops and notebooks offer more options in business PCs.

Believe It Or Not! W2K Is The Real Deal
by Sm@rt Partner
Brace yourself. You may not believe this, but my latest favorite desktop operating system is—drumroll, please—Windows 2000 Professional.

Intel To Take $200 Million Charge To Fix Motherboards
Intel today said it would take a charge of $200 million in the second quarter to cover costs associated with a motherboard recall, bringing the total cost of the recall to approximately $253 million.

Emachines' Earnings Shortfall Brings Some Surprises
Although the size of the slowdown in Emachines' sales is somewhat surprising, much of the weakness reflects 1999 market events as well as saturation in the installed base.

Virus Shuts Email Servers But Spreads Slowly
A computer virus that masks itself as a text file has hit several corporate networks, prompting security experts to issue warnings as well as potential fixes for the worm.

Microsoft, Motorola Seek Wireless Know-How
Saying the technology is available, and it's time to put it together for more widespread use, Microsoft and Motorola have opened separate wireless research centers to tap into Scandinavian know-how.

Heard The One About The Stages Worm?
by ZDNet
Large corporations didn't learn anything from the ILOVEYOU worm.

New PCs Foster Simple, Stable Enterprises
by TechWeb
IBM has a message for IT manager: It's possible to simplify the enterprise without sacrificing stability.

Emachines Warning May Hearld Another PC Price War
Are cheaper PCs for consumers and hard times for consumer computer companies on tap? A warning from Emachines that the market has cooled is a first indication that more price wars may be around the corner.

Windows CE Has Lower Price, Partial Open Code
by Reuters
"Our hope for where Windows CE will go is what is now most visible: handhelds and Internet appliances, and also retail point-of-sales and industrial automation."

Divided He Stands: Interview With Bill Gates
by Philippine Daily Inquirer
"That's how we compete with our installed base - by having these new breakthrough version that people wanna buy."

Appeals Court Plans Fast-paced Schedule For Review Of The Microsoft Case
by New York Times
A federal appeals court set a fast-paced schedule for reviewing Microsoft's request that the judges block a lower-court order restricting its conduct.

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