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Thursday, June 22, 2000

Top Stories

Kill Mister Paperclip!
by Salon
As Microsoft prepares to unveil its next-generation software, we offer a few gentle suggestions.

Mac's AirPort Is Finally Flying Straight
by BusinessWeek
The glitches, difficult setup, and slow connections are gone, allowing Apple's wireless networking to fulfill its great potential.

Portsmouth To Buy 105 New Computers For Schools
by Foster's Daily Democrat
"Macintosh is the machinery of choice at the elementary school."


Hardware Gallery
by Apple
Enjoy 360° QuickTime VR views of Apple’s best hardware.

Olympus Announces $999 Dye-Sub Printer
Olympus America has announced a new $999 dye-sublimation printer that produces photos at up to 8 x 10 inches in 90 seconds. The P-400 joins the company's P-330, a dye-sub printer limited to producing 4 x 5-inch prints.

Kaidan, MGI Team Up For Mirage
The forthcoming VR production system, combining Kaidan's KiWi camera rig with MGI's PhotoVista software, will challenge Ipix' immersive-imaging technology.

Montgomery Schools Pursue Leasing Newer Computers
by Washington Post
"Even if we made the decision to go to a single platform that was PC-based, there's still a place for Macs in the schools. We would never not have Macs."

Questions Mount About Corel's Viability
Shares of embattled Corel sank today as investors pondered the Canadian software developer's weakening prospects and questioned its odds for survival.

Schools Going High Tech
by The Carteret County News-times
As new replacement equipment is brought in, there will be a gradual phasing in of more compact computers, and a move away from Apple. The main problem has been that Apple has switched its software several times in the past few years, making it difficult for the school system to keep compatible equipment.

Apple's Stock Split Pushes Price Higher
by The Mac Observer
It sure looks as if this stock split is helping AAPL out of its recent doldrums.

Apple Stays Ahead Of Dell, HP, Compaq, And Gateway
by The Mac Observer
For the fourth week in a row, Apple Computer has again found its web site at the top of the PC Data Top 10 rankings for Hardware sites.

Software Takes A Byte Out Of Graphics File
Piranha Byte claims 8:1 lossless compression ratios on digital images, and it squeezes PDF and QuarkXPress documents too. But the software will also bite your bank account: It costs more than a Power Mac G4.


Who Pay These People To Say These Things?
You have to wonder what reviewers of MS Software are paid to say nice things about this horrible bloatware.

What Makes A Mac User A Mac User
by MacOS Daily
Well, maybe it is just me, but I've got all the signs of religious attachment to my Macs. By Tim Hillman.

Bungie's Mac Ties
by ZDNet
Ringing down the curtain on Bungie's Mac efforts would say less about the Mac's vitality as a game machine than it would about Microsoft' swillingness to ignore technology, customers and profit for the benefit of its own platform agenda.

Thinking Different And Mental Illness
In order to 'think different' one must first think.

Bottlenecks: What Is Your Mac's Slowest Component?
by Low End Mac
The slowest part of your computer system could be — you.


Caesar III
by Insanely Great Mac
No matter how many times you start a new game of Caesar III, you will find new strategies to try and terrains to explore, making this game replayable over and over again without the repetition or monotony seen in other sim games. By Debbie St. Germain.

Epson Stylus Scan 2500 Pro
by MacAddict
The 2500 would make a great addition to any small office or home office.

Now Up-To-Date & Contact 3.9
by Macworld
Back from the brink of doom, the package works well with modern Macs and is once again in active development.


Thursday, June 22, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A Different World

Portsmouth: Macintosh is the machinery of choice at the elementary school.

Beaufort: As new replacement equipment is brought in, there will be a move away from Apple. Apple has switched its software several times in the past few years, making it difficult for the school system to keep compatible equipment.

Montgomery: Even if we made the decision to go to a single platform that was PC-based, there's still a place for Macs in the schools. We would never not have Macs.

Around the Weblogs: This Stinks!

Donavon J Pfeiffer Jr: As an American citizen, steeped in greed and raised on profit motive and litigation, I am hopeful that BT wins this lawsuit. I and my cyberbuddies will then launch a class action suit against BT for every broken link we've ever had to deal with using product liability as the basis for the suit. After all, one load of bovine fecal matter deserves another.

Jason Levine: I had no clue that Deja pulled the old (pre-mid 1999) Usenet archives down. That sucks. When they went all corporate and shit, I thought to myself that this would happen someday. I hope that they at least pass on the data to someone else if they decided not to put it back online.

Wesley Felter: I've only had 3 or 4 crashes so far today, that means I have about 10 left before meeting my Mac's daily quota.


Ballmer: 'Windows Isn't Going Away'
by ZDNet
Microsoft's CEO says the company is still improving its ubiquitous OS. But an increasing share of the company's sales will come from subscriptions.

Microsoft Brewing Java-like Language
Microsoft next week plans to unveil a new, Java-like software programming language intended to simplify the building of Web services using its software, sources said.

Microsoft C# A Clear Answer To Java
C# is designed to combine the power of C and C++ with Visual Basic's high productivity and ease of use.

DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Hear Microsoft Case
Microsoft's antitrust appeal moved one step closer to the Supreme Court this afternoon.

Windows ME The Last Win9x OS? Maybe Not...
by The Register
Just when you're getting used to the idea that Windows ME really is the last of the Win9x line of operating systems, you get a hint that maybe it's not, after all. By John Lettice.

MS Lifts Curtain On Way-New Windows
by eWEEK
Next Generation Windows Services turns the OS into a services and hosting platform. Judge Jackson may have a different view.

Microsoft Shares Climb After Judge's Decision
Shares in Microsoft—long suffering from uncertainty surrounding its antitrust case—surged today, one day after a judge suspended business restrictions placed on the software giant pending appeal.

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