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Friday, June 23, 2000

Top Stories

Mac OS X On The Network
What does Apple's next-generation operating system offer for network managers? Plenty.

El Dorado District Buys Computers
by Wichita Eagle
Most of the 105 new machines are laptops, which will allow elementary schools to set up portable computer labs.

Why We Love To Hate Microsoft
by Boston Phoenix
Some extremely random observations and outrageous digressions about our cultural obsession with Bill Gates. By Dan Kennedy.


Designers Tangle With The Web
by MacWEEK
The Web offers new opportunities for graphic designers, but many are having trouble adapting to interactive media.

Great News For The Macintosh Community...Networking For Less! Community...Networking For Less!
by PR Web

New Mac Radio Show For The Web
MacOS Radio.Net, a new Internet talk show on Mac OS topics, will launch July 10 with an appearance by Roger Kasten of Newer Technologies. The weekly Webcast will compete with The Mac Show.

Open-source Sermon At MacHack
The Mac hacker culture had different strengths, such as multimedia and GUI expertise, than Linux culture.


Former Access Software Employee Comments On Microsoft Relationship
by Macgamer's Ledge
"I hope Bungie enjoys their success as new members of the Microsoft team."

The House Of 'X'
OX X, if measured in attention and reaction from the press, will be a very big, attractive house.

Positive Evangelistm III
by big g media
Getting into shouting matches with people who are alerady defending a weak position will just make them turn off their minds and blindly lash back at you.


Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer
by Inside Mac Games
It’s a perfect blend of style and technology.

NetBarrier 1.5.1
by MacAddict
NetBarrier is certainly less expensive than a corporate firewall, but it's not cheap. If you're paranoid or need to transmit sensitive information, NetBarrier can provide some online peace of mind.


Friday, June 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Bill And Company

Dan Kennedy: [Bill Gates] became king of the world by selling inferior products copied from someone else. Maybe, when we look at him, we see not just the celebrity and the wealth, but the willingness to cut corners, to be seen as the best without really being the best, to do anything to win except fight fairly. In this most narcissistic of times, we look into his bland, dorky features and see ourselves looking back. We love him. We hate him. He is the best of us. And the worst of us, too.

Around the Weblogs: How To Update Your Site

Jason Levine: The funny thing is that the security restrictions on the machine prevent me from typing in a URL, so I had to wind myway around the web until I was able to get to a search engine, and they search fo rQ, in order to get here.

New And Improved

Have you visited the new MacBC yet?


Intel-AMD: It's A Post-Gigahertz Hangover
by ZDNet
Following a mad dash to develop 1GHz processors, rivals AMD and Intel are taking a chip breather. Sort of.

Microsoft's The Universal Canvas Universal Rip-Off
by The Mac Observer
Microsoft's latest scheme is nothing less than a centrally controlled networked operating system that would own every function of your new Internet appliance.

Intel Chief Sees Little Industry Impact From Microsoft Split
by Reuters
The head of chipmaker Intel said today a broken-up Microsoft would work like the rest of the computer industry

.Net Initiative Is Close To All Microsoft, All The Time
by San Jose Mercury News
At some point, Microsoft might be able to sneer, "Go ahead, take the operating system away from the rest of the company. We don't care."

Why We Love To Hate Microsoft
by Boston Phoenix
Some extremely random observations and outrageous digressions about our cultural obsession with Bill Gates. By Dan Kennedy.

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