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Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Top Stories

Unsolved Macworld Expo Mysteries
by ZDNet
Even as Wednesday's come-to-Steve meeting answered some questions about Apple's hardware vision, it also raised additional ones — at least for me — about Apple's larger technology strategy in the next six to 12 months.

ATI Takes Blame For Apple Leak
by IDG News Service
ATI Technologies said Monday that it is taking responsibility for letting the cat out of the bag on some of Apple's new Macs prior to Steve Jobs' news-rich keynote speech at MacWorld Expo last week.


Mercury Rising: PowerBook To Pack G4
by ZDNet
Apple's wide-screen Mercury notebook will reportedly be sleeker, lighter and feature a hip, new look. Did we mention fast?

Macromedia, Intel Team On 3-D Streaming Format
The new format will deliver streaming 3-D content through the Shockwave Player. The software poses a challenge to Metastream and other Web 3-D technologies.

New Products At Siggraph 2000

Apple Webcast Appears To Break Speed Records
by Newsbytes
The Internet broadcast of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at last week's MacWorld Expo in San Francisco shattered previous records for streaming video speed.

The Personal Imaging Revolution
by Macworld
The most fundamental rewards of digital imaging have already decorated our desktops.


For The Good Of The Web: An Open Letter To Netscape
by The Web Standards Project
How can standards advocates continue to point to your example while criticizing other browser makers? How can we demand that Microsoft "do what Netscape is doing," when, from a business perspective, "what Netscape is doing" is bleeding market share while failing to ship product?

Why The Mozilla Dragon Still Has Bite
by osOpinion
"This is not the end, it is not the beginning of the end, but it might be the end of the beginning."

The G4 Cube - Apple's Newest Mac Portable
Thinking about the cube in a portable Mac context, it seems to offer pretty good value for the money.

Missing From Macworld
by Low End Mac
Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 7/25. The items not seen or not available for purchase as Macworld Expo.

The New Mac Lineup, Hmm...
by Busman's Holiday
As days have passed since the keynote, I find my views considerably less charitable to the less than revolutionary offerings from Apple.


Tuesday, July 25, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Okay, So You Won Act One

Jef Raskin: I think they can remain what they are: a well-loved, influential bit player, the late Walter Matthau of the computer industry. But not the top star.

Steve Jobs: We believe a lot of the industry's been in a coma the last several years. Apple was in a coma, too, a few years ago, but we're back to innovating again.

Bit player, top player, I simply don't care. So long as I still have my toys.

Quid Pro Quos

To The Dark Ages Of WebLogging and dogPORTAL2000: Thanks for the links.


Inside Intel: Betting On The Future
by ZDNet
Who knows where Intel will be in five years? Its research and development labs have an idea or two.

Microsoft Wants Lower Court To Hear Appeal First
Microsoft tomorrow will ask the Supreme Court to let a lower tribunal hear the company's appeal of antitrust violations first, a strategy aimed at avoiding a verdict to split the software giant.

Intel Veers From Rambus-Only Plans For Pentium 4
Intel will come out with a chipset next year for the Pentium 4 geared to work with standard memory, the company confirmed today, a move that raises questions about the future of Rambus-based memory.

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